Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Around the Grid in30 days: Loco Pocos

Todays sim is the Loco Pocos Island Their website: Loco Pocos That has a blog, information about their avies and so much more.

This is one of the first avies the owner did.

The place has it's own DIY center. DIY short for do-it-yourself is a place to buy the items you need to make your own avies or items such as clothes and such.
The tinies from the Raglan sims have our own DIY kits and are free. These here cost.
There's the bussiness kits, for avies and stuff you plan to sell. And the personal kits, for those of us that don't plan to sell. I'm sure there's a reason for this, perhaps copyrights or trademarks. I'm sure the money goes into making newer and better things.

Then there's the boutique, where you can sell the stuff you made using the business diy kits. Tinies from the Loco Pocos group sells their wares here. Kind of like the Raglan tinies.

Then you've got different ares and places to have adventures at.

A loooong way from the store and tp area.

Arrrr!!1 Dead bunnies tell no tails, so let's bow our heads and remember those we've lost.

The place also has a fishing area, and seems to have an adventure. A bunch of places have been set up for an adventure around the island. Find the books that are scattered all around the isle and have yourself a adventure.

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