Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Hogfather

Me on Hogfather's lap. He looks scary.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


It's Wootstock tinies style.

2 days of waffles and music. Raglan Winter Wood... er, Wootstock.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Something said about child AVATARS

You should PLEASE consider this stuff:

1). Contrary to what most people outside second life think, there is more to SL than just SEX. Second Life (SL) child avatars ARE 18 YEARS OF AGE AND OLDER IN REAL LIFE - this is ROLEPLAYING childhood and it's sooo much fun! You get to be silly all the time! You can get adopted & hang out with other kids & go to school & whatever else you can dream up!

If you're new to being a kid (or teen!) here's what's up - YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING SEXUALLY-RELATED WHATSOEVER. If you want to be a kid AND an adult then make 2 avatar accounts. Just do it.

If a child avatar is seen around things like sexual furniture, photos, naked people, etc. - ANYTHING you can think of that's of a sexual nature - Linden Labs can and will delete your account and could even ban your COMPUTER from logging into Second Life.

There will be no questions asked - you get caught like that and you're gone - as the Terms of Service for Second Life states:

(TOS - 2.6 Linden Lab may suspend or terminate your account at any time, without refund or obligation to you.)

Don't be nude in public EVER - if you wanna change clothes, find a private place - if you go to Search and type in "changing rooms" there are places to go to! A lot of stores have changing rooms too!

DO NOT join any groups that have sexually-related content. This will cause some places to ban you right away, not to mention a good majority of Second Life people will not respect you & may be mean to you. You don't need groups like that anyways - you're playing a CHILD!

It was discovered that places had been created by ADULT avatar's who were interested in luring child avatars to engage in sexual activities. The child avatars who fell for this ended up having their pictures posted all over the net and in the end they deleted their accounts and left SL leaving behind a media circus. Some people are still mad at child avatars because they wrongfully assume we're all out to be pervs when WE'RE NOT!

Linden Labs polices prohibits these sorts of places & if someone asks you to do anything sexual you should abuse report (AR) them. To file an abuse report, hit the "Help" tab at the top of your scren and then hit "Report Abuse" - it's a very simple lil form that'll pop up. Then just get away from that perv!

SL residents have been told to abuse report Underage Users. There is a Second Life for people 18 and older (where you are) and a "teen grid" for people who are under 18 in real life. Sometimes REAL LIFE underagers get into the 18-and-older area of Second Life.
Because of this, some people are ignorant and will think you are underage just because you are roleplaying a child. Linden Lab would like ALL child avatars to state their REAL WORLD AGE in your profile to try and prevent mistaken reports.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Do not use Emerald - Version 950 has a critical exploit

There is a recently discovered exploit within Emerald that can quite literally allow someone with an appropriately equipped client to strip your entire inventory. Egregiously bad flaw, kids... wait until Modular sorts this one out.

Gee, I wish I knew about this before it happened to me.

I had problems with my account night before last with my inventory not loading.
Don't know how it happened, but it did.


Since this post, it happened to me on my main account. The creator(s) of Emerald has since posted a update to their viewer. You will have to download and install this update to continue your fun.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Updated TAO of SPAM

***NCI Spam Central***



***Definition of the internet meme/term "Spam":

Spam is the abuse of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast mediums, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately.

While the most widely recognized form of spam is e-mail spam, the term is applied to similar abuses in other media: instant messaging spam, Usenet newsgroup spam, Web search engine spam, spam in blogs, wiki spam, Online classified ads spam, mobile phone messaging spam, Internet forum spam, junk fax transmissions, and file sharing network spam.

What is not included in the definiation of "Spam" is the word "advertisement". That said, while it's falsely assumed that being open to spamming means being open to ads; the truth is, that's a very small portion of the heart and soul of spam.

***Main group charter:


Is your idle chit-chat getting complaints over there in the main group? Bring it over here and have a ball. Got complaints about how chatty THIS group is? Click the bottom "X" on the upper right of the chat window.
Please keep conversations as PG as possible, official NCI announcements in NCI main chat, advertisements in your own group, and drama in personal IMs.

***Extended group charter:


Basically. NCI Spam Central's intent is to allow the NCI main group to be maintained as a serious (HA!) question, answer, and assistance group. The name came from the core complaint that New Citizens Inc. main chat was "Too spammy". So, those "Spammy" conversations are encouraged to sliiiiiide on over to this group in order to free up NCI main chat to serve its purpose effeciently.

While a few unawares confuse the simple term "Spam" as strictly for advertisements, the truth is that the above definition is much more accurate and doesn't actually mention advertisements at all.

As for a rule on moderation of advertisements. The admins of this group stronly maintain that this is not here for that purpose. But, the member response should not be that of frustration, attack, or negativity. This is a group to release and be free from those thoughts, so when an advertisement is given the suggested response is a tolerant reminder that it's not allowed... Followed by an immediate ejection from the group. =^-^=

If a moderator/officer doesn't promptly respond, feel free to IM one of the bold names visible in the active users list. (This can be seen by clicking the blue (<<) symbol on the upper right of the chat window.


NCI Spam Central is a PG chat group. Please conduct yourself in a PG and respectful manner. Swearing, descriptsion of lewd acts, violence, and attacking each other are not allowed.

But, remember, we're all adults here (right?) so expect to be open to some innuendo and such in chat. Legal, medical, and scientific terms are alloed. Nobody will poke you in the nose for saying "Vagina", "Penis", or "Nipples". In fact, use of the word "Nipples" is encouraged and may be subject to prizes*.

Just.. Steer clear of the big 7... Okay?


Yes.. Nearly every bloody member of the group has permission to send notices. This is manually set so new joins can't just ad-spam and jet on us. Any group officer/owner should be able to add the role for a new member upon request. When in doubt... IM Imnotgoing Sideways.

A Group Gift is an object, clothing item, gesture, avatar accessory... STUFF that you made and would like to share. Remember that word though... "Share" Please be sure the item you're sharing is something you either made or have full permission to distribute.

Don't over-use the ability. Having notices pop up all bloody day is no fun. So, when you're sending your gift, be sure it's of a bit of laugh value at least. Don't just send out anything. Spam, but, don't overspam.

And, a reiteration of the key policy... NO ADVERTISEMENTS! Notices with names of stores, landmarks, and event notecards are not allowed. The advertisement doesn't have to be for a for-profit venture to be considered an advertiesment.


There will be times when NCI staff and officers will want to host a fringe event. This is an event typically not on the regular calendar and not directly related to NCI's class and regular event roster.

These events are meant to be a fun distraction and a way to further socialize with other NCI members you haven't met yet. Events may be impromptu dance parties in NCI sandboxes, member home/store hunts, NCI contests in the testing stages, and thigns like that.

NCI staff and officers are allowed to utilize the Spam Central group and its group notices for these events.

Official NCI events should continue to be announced in the main group.


Beyond that: Enjoy the group you'll love to hate and embrace your inner spammer. (^_^)y

*No purchase necessary. Details inside. Prizes are not guaranteed. Nor, do they even exist. But, it was a fun thing to say anyway. =^-^=

Childrens In Crisis

On behalf of supporters of Childrens In Crisis, it is my pleasure as this year's host, to invite you to join us and celebrate in Memory of Wollas Beaumont the 1st Annual Children in Crisis 24hr RockAbout Benefit. Starting December 12th at 6pm slt and ending December 13th at 6pm slt a lineup of 10Dj's ( hope it come some more) (confirmed so far) will rock your world with hourly contests and with great gifts.

Wollas Beaumont was a dear SL friend of mine who died and she was devoted to the Children in Crisis Organization. As a result her family and I have decided to keep Wollas Original gesture shop in Second Life open, donating all money earned from the shop and all the tips to her favorite charity "Children in Crisis" - a humanitarian association which helps children. Additionally we have decided to put this huge party together in her memory and gather donations to be sent in her name to her favorite charity.

Are you a shop owner? How to get involved....

As a shopowner we would love to have you join us on this magnificent day to assist us in this initiavtive of helping the Children in Crisis organisation by placing a vendor, or vendors (up to a 15 prim) with landmark giver for your main store at no cost to you on the condition that you donate at least one of your original creations (no freebies allowed) to be given out at the hourly contest and for you to advertise the event in your group prior and throughout the events. As this event is for a childrens benefit we also require that the vendors do not have any sex items or nudity please.

Please share in our commitment by accepting this invitation and contact Moanaiti Littleboots if you are interested and for more information,

Top 10 Linden Myths

1. Lindens have X-Ray vision

This is untrue. Their ability to see you naked has nothing to do with X-Rays.

2. There are only ten Lindens and they rotate through many accounts to make it seem like there are more.

This is untrue. There are over 50 Lindens who cycle through many accounts to make it seem like there are more.

3. Lindens have the ability to turn your avatar into a fish.

This is untrue. Lindens abilities to turn people into other forms of life is limited to changing you to a toad.

4. Lindens put their pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else.

In 2005 this became a myth when FeeFieFoeFanna Linden perfected the first dual legged virtual trouser fitting device (using only four prims!). In 2007 it became a complete impossibility when the official uniform Linden dresscode mandated a nice plaid kilt or skirt.

5. All new Lindens traditionally make a bear to give SL citizens as tokens of goodwill.

The real purpose of the bear making tradition is to provide the existing Lindens with an opportunity to snicker at someone faced with an impossible task and hurl snipes about prims being upside down and warnings that the team might have to get out the 'desuckifier' tool.

6. Lindens hold office hours to keep SL citizens informed, and to solicit opinions about future developments in SL.

The real reason for office hours is to allow them to test new features on you such as the ability to see you naked or turn you into a salamander.

7. Lindens smell like jellyfish

This is highly unlikely, although this is very difficult to confirm. This rumour probably keeps circulating because of the obvious tentacles visible on most Lindens.

8. Lindens must receive a bio implant in order to become a Linden

The bio implant is completely optional for most Lindens. The implant is only required for positions that directly affect grid operation such as LSL execution Lindens, Physics solving Lindens, and of course the Lindens who pedal the generators powering the grid server.

9. Everything that is said in public or private chat is recorded and a secret team of Lindens goes through it all looking for national security concerns and juicy blackmail tidbits.

Hahahah!! This is totally laughable. Seriously.. and I'm not just saying that. Why would I say it was laughable if it wasn't huh? Think about that.. what do I stand to gain by trying to convince you this is not true. So please.. believe me.. I implore you.. don't believe this myth. They can't make people do things against their will using... stuff that should have never been said in the first place.

10. Lindens have no sense of humor.

We'll see. If I dissapear suddenly, it's been fun, and this myth is confirmed.

A Guide to Anime Emoticons and why they're getting popular

A Guide to Anime Emoticons
And why they're getting popular
By Sohan D'souza

At the dawn of the internet era, BBS-users discovered that the lack of face-to-face communication resulted in conflict when, for example, parodies or humorous comments were taken seriously. Even telephone users could use voice tone to indicate anger, sarcasm or humor.

As such, they needed to find a way to express the tone of the messages they were posting. No need to go into how exactly it happened, but the first emoticons were a godsend, and prevented many an awkward, confusing or flammable situation. Over the years, with the evolution of the BBS into the Internet, and then the explosion of online websites, forums and chat interfaces, the proto-emoticon regularly evolved into a myriad sets, mostly unique to their hosts, and even developed into codes that were translated by the communication engine into images and sometimes even animations.

As the environment molds evolving lifeforms to its demands, each online community tends to mold the emoticon concept to its own needs and characteristics. The online community of anime fandom is no exception. The creativity and experimentation of fellow anime fans has given rise to the following set of anime emoticons that have withstood the test of time.

Root Emoticons:

^_^ or ^__^ Eyelids raised: smiling, happy
U_U or u_u Eyelids lowered: solemn, sad, sometimes exasperated
X_X or x_x Cross eyes: dead, tired, knocked out
*_* Starry eyes: fascination, admiration, euphoria
=_= or -_- Narrowed eyes: bliss, happy mood
O_O or o_o Wide round eyes: concern, shock, confusion
._. Dot eyes: blank expression, or puzzled
@_@ Spiral eyes: dizzy or confused
T_T or ;_; Tear streams or drops: crying
>_< Contorted eyes: anger, frustration
O_o or o_O One widened eye: sudden confusion
^_- or ^_~ Winking eye: humor, joke
$_$ Dollar eyes: money on the mind
9_9 or 6_6 Directed eyes: looking up or down
>_> or <_< Directed eyes: looking left or right
z_z or #_# Sleepy eyes: snoozing away
h_h "h" eyes: thinking perverted hentai thoughts
^o^ or ^O^ Laughing or humorously calling out someone
^.^ or ^.^ Oooh, amazement
=3 Neko mouth: Catty mischief or feline attribute


; as in ^_^; Adds a sweat drop to express awkwardness
# as in >_<# Adds a popping vein to express irritation or added frustration
* as in *^_^* Adds blushing cheeks to express embarrassment or humility
zZ as in -_-zZ Indicates that one is sleeping, or sleepiness
= as in =^_^= or =(|)_(|)= Adds whiskers to express felinity and catty mischief
^ as in ^o_o^ Adds pointy animal ears, usually represents a dog
x as in ^_^x Adds a scar like Kenshin (other scars also applicable)

So why are anime emoticons growing in popularity? Well, for one thing, nearly all of them are aligned such that you don't have to read them sideways like traditional emoticons. There is a large variety of expressions from which to choose, and not all of them require acquaintance with anime emotional conventions (no, not that kind of convention ^_^). For the most part, anime emoticons let the eyes do the talking, which comes across as natural. And of course, within the anime fan community, their use is a means of acknowledging fellowship and belonging.

I hope this little illustrated guide encourages more of us to use these emoticons among ourselves, and among outsiders when appropriate.

Originally downloaded from:

Cleaned up and copied to Second Life by Albertane Havercamp.