Monday, October 31, 2011


Names Names are very special. They are what defines us and sets us apart from everyone else. Without a name we'd be John Doe all the time, everywhere, to everyone. “Hi John Doe. How are you.” I'm fine John Doe. How are you?” Thankfully we can change our names to what ever we want. I change my name almost all the time. I get a little tired of the same name all the time. Lately I added to my name as Bloodfang Talontusk Snaggle Clawtooth. I recommend going to for a name change. I kepted the theme of teeth and claws for my name. Imnotgoing Sideways for example, a friend of mine, could look up sideways and come up with Imnotgoing Along Sideways. Another example is the last name voyager. Let's say Firstname Explorer Voyager. Perhaps Firstname Hero Voyager or Firstname Pioneer Voyager. Another example could be that you RP in the Steampunk sims and you want a Steampunk name. The name Metal Gearbox could have more. Metal Alloy Hardware Gearbox or Alloy Hardware Cogbox. Maybe you RP in a sci-fi sim and your avie is a alien. The name Rosswell X (for x-files) Black (for men in black). Furries might be Fluffy Shaggy Fuzzball Whiskered Bristly. Buccaneer Rover Plunderer... Erm.... Um... You get my point. So try different things and see what you come up with. Get creative. Creative IS Visionary or Creative Inspired Stimulating Visionary.