Thursday, July 9, 2009

30 sims in 30 days: Gateway Tech Collage

Gateway Tech Collage:

There are many different collages and university's in SL. This is one of them.
They give you a notecard on first entering.

Welcome to Gateway Technical College's Engineering Tech Wing in SL.

Our RL website is:

We are physically located in SE Wisconsin, but interact and share with colleges from around the world. Our goal is to provide our students with one of the best Engineering Tech Centers in the world.

As Alan November once said ... "We need to emphasize the necessity of students learning with others around the world ... dealing with massive amounts of information ... global communication ... and teach our students to be self-directed and understand how to organize more and more of their own learning"

We have embarked on a new distance learning delivery method we call NODAL where we now effectively teach students at multiple locations simultaneously from one physical location.

We are hoping that our efforts in Second Life will help enhance this distance delivery method and add an aspect of global networking and visualization that is hard to achieve in RL due to geographical constraints. We are also hoping that this will become a platform from which groups of students from multiple colleges around the world can jointly work and learn together in a shared environment.

In addition, we want this place to be a place where non-engineers can come and explore engineering, to find out if they like engineering and solving problems. Engineers help solve problems dealing with civilization, making life better for everyone. No matter what country you are from, no matter where you live on earth … we all need more engineers in this world to help improve life here on earth for everyone.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, but if you are interested in joining and helping in this cause, we would love to join forces and help promote this idea in RL and SL.

Steven L. Whitmoyer, P.E.
Lead - Civil Engineering Tech Program
Gateway Technical College
SL: Instructor Merlin

We are a two year associate degree program with the following areas of study:

Civil Engineering & Architectural Tech
* Architecture - Structural Design
* Public Works
* Land Surveying

Electrical Engineering Tech
* Electrical Engineering Tech
* Biomedical Engineering Tech
* Electronics

Mechanical Engineering Tech
* Mechanical Design
* Mechatronics

Hmmmmm... I can't see.

Ahhh, that's much better.

I'm on your game, chewing on your pieces.

*takes the checkers and starts playing with them*

Ummm... does this mean I win?

They have a webpage:

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