Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Teen/kids sim by kids and no adults

There's two new kid/teen sims. Here you can own or rent land (1640.00L per week/ Prims: 937), teepees ($350.00L per week/ Prims: 100) or treehouses ($900.00L per week/ Prims: 300).
They will work with you.

And this: is the "play" sim. A place where you can ride horses, cuddle, hang out. With pirate ship, secret club house, and fishing area.

They will have another sim for stores and such soon.

The conversation from one of the owners:

-- Instant message logging enabled --
[04:04 PM] Graham Hazelnut: Hey Bloodfang, welcome :D, let me know if you got any questions k
[04:04 PM] Bloodfang Clawtooth: ok thanks
[04:06 PM] Bloodfang Clawtooth: will you have a mall on these sims?
[04:06 PM] Graham Hazelnut: not on the residentional, but planning on adding an additional sim that will be commercial
[04:07 PM] Graham Hazelnut: timing on that will depend on finances though, lol
[04:07 PM] Bloodfang Clawtooth: ok
[04:17 PM] Graham Hazelnut: Hey Bloodfang, if your interested we also have what we calling the playsim, there is a tp board outside the shop, or just let me know and i'll send you a lm
[04:18 PM] Bloodfang Clawtooth: send me the lm plzz
[04:18 PM] Bloodfang Clawtooth: will there be any skyboxes for these homes?
[04:19 PM] Graham Hazelnut: if you buy the land you'll be able to do with the land as you wish
[04:19 PM] Bloodfang Clawtooth: ok
[04:20 PM] Graham Hazelnut: and if we could also come to arrangements to rent land instead of buying it outright if thats more what you looking for
[04:20 PM] Bloodfang Clawtooth: I'm just looking for now
[04:20 PM] Graham Hazelnut: np, feel free
[04:21 PM] Bloodfang Clawtooth: ok

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