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30 sims in 30 days: American Cancer Soc

Happy 4th of July. Today for the 4th I'm at the American Cancer Soc. :

The sim is home to the Relay for Life. Has lots of information, places to hang out and lots of activities.

One such activity is this:

Team RELAY for HOPE invites you to our BIG SILENT AUCTION!
Come out and help us give cancer the HEAVE-HO and get some amazing gifts at the same time! We are featuring:

*Men's skins from PULSE
*Houses, skyboxes and furnishings from H&R Designs
*Two sets of ten couple Dance Balls from Bits and Bobs
*Several beautiful Bliss waterfalls
*A $5000L gift card to any of the Nirvana shops
*An Akaesha gift certificate for the bedroom suite of your choice
*A beautiful AKK Stables horse

The auction begins NOW and ends at 5pm SLT on Monday, June 29.
All proceeds go directly to Relay for Life of Second Life and the American Cancer Society.

SL's Cancer Survivors Group Infosheet
version 10.0 updated June 9, 2009

SL's Cancer Survivors is a global peer support network of cancer survivors in Second Life. We now have more than 250 members.

Our definition of a survivor is:

'A cancer survivor is anyone living with a history of cancer, from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life. If you have lived one day with cancer, you are a survivor.'

Our main aim is to help support each other and reach out to others living with cancer. We are affiliated with the American Cancer Society (ACS) and hold regular formal and informal meetings on the ACS Island. We also have the honor of walking the Survivor and Caregiver Lap in SL's Relay For Life of Second Life.

1. Regular support meetings.
(a) There are informal support meetings in Hope Haven, the chat room on ACS Island. These are held usually on Thursdays at 4 pm SLT and Sundays at 12 noon SLT.

(b) "Fighting Spirit" - sometimes the support meeting is turned over to a survivor to tell his or her story and lead a discussion.

2. Buddies Network.
We're in the process of building and training a buddies network to provide one to one support. In the meantime if you want to talk with someone on a one to one basis please IM Synergy Devonshire.

3. Invited talks.
There are regular talks on the ACS island. Recent topics have included: Depression and Cancer, Meditation, and Expressive Writing/ Journaling, Managing Pain, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Dr Ren Stonecutter gives a monthly talk on the first Sunday of each month at 1.30 slt.

4. SL Relay For Life.
The Cancer Survivors Group was formed in 2006 to walk the first “survivor's lap” of SL's second annual Relay For Life®. On July 19-20 2007 the Survivors had the honor of walking the first lap of SL's 4th annual Relay For Life®, the biggest Relay to date, together with our sister group SL's Cancer Caregivers. More than 130 Survivors and Caregivers registered for the opening lap.

We are represented on the SLRFL 2009 Planning Committee by Dwen Dooley (Chair) and Cinders Vale (Co-Chair) and a committee of survivors and caregivers. Many of our members are also members of Relay teams, and we aim to have at least one survivor in each team.

5. Newsletter and schedule.
There is a periodic Newsletter with news about upcoming talks and activities, a calendar of events, etc. Look in the Notices section for the latest edition or write to Poppy Zabelin for a copy.

6. Blog.
Poppy has started up a blog for and about cancer survivors in SL. It includes write-ups of earlier activities so take a look if you would like more information about what we do.

You can also follow Poppy on Twitter - see:

7. Social events.
Sometimes we need to let our hair down, have fun, and forget about the C word. Watch the notices for announcements of social events.

All SL members who have survived or who are living with cancer are welcome to join us! To find out more about the SL Cancer Survivors Group and/or about Relay For Life of Second Life, please contact one of the members below or search GROUPS (Keywords: SL's Cancer Survivors) and use the JOIN button.

On joining, you should also receive a Buddies Questionnaire where you can tell us about your cancer history and can make known your own ideas about what you are looking for from this group.

Please don't hesitate to step forward if you want to help in some way. There is lots to do and your help will always be very welcome.

Together we can be strong and help each other on this journey we call cancer.

SL's Cancer Caregivers is a sister group of SL's Cancer Survivors and is open to all caregivers and supporters of those who are living with or have survived cancer. The group meets twice a week, on Wednesdays at 7 pm SLLT and SUndays at 10 am SLT to discuss caregiver issues.

For more information contact Willow Lundquist, Cancer Caregivers Chair, or search GROUPS (Keyword: Cancer Caregivers) and use the JOIN button.

Poppy Zabelin (Coordinator and support group moderator, SL Cancer Survivors)

Dwen Dooley or Cinders Vale (RFLofSL Survivors and Caregivers Committee)

Willow Lundquist (Coordinator, SL Cancer Caregivers)

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