Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Loki boy and his Goonies mates went on anadventure so I thought I'd go on one also.
Back at the Burning Life sims I found a little display of childhood pets.

I got trapped in an giant ant farm.

Went swiming with the fishies.

Akk!!! Don't you hate it when someone walks into your shot! =^><^=
At least I didn't get electracuted or drowned.

At least I kepted busy.

The food here stinks.

*sigh* It's such a hard knock life.

OMG!!! Did that dog just spit me-owwwwwt?



There is proof that girls started giving out cooties to boys.

[19:54] You: I have to vote for Santa first. Cause I'm a good boy.

[19:54] Toy LaFollette: me too well not a boy but a girl, its the cootie thing ya

[19:55] You: Gross...cootie!

[19:55] Valla Griffin: Boy's have cooties, not girls.
[19:55] Toy LaFollette: !!!!!!!!!! BOYS HABB COOOOOTIES !!!!!!!!!!
[19:55] Silverr Andel: girls have cooties, definitely.
[19:55] Santa Kwassmann: Santa is not concerned with cooties. Self-identification
works fine, though. : )

[19:55] You: We do not

[19:55] Valla Griffin: boys have cooties.
[19:55] Santa Kwassmann: the eternal debate...
[19:55] Toy LaFollette: an an an boy neko's have coofleas

[19:56] Silverr Andel: if boys have cooties, they caught 'em from girls!
[19:56] You: I took my cootie shots

[19:56] Valla Griffin: and so does boy furries.
[19:56] Addora grabs Constantine by the ears and dunks him into a fleabath!
[19:56] You: fleas I might have

[19:56] Toy LaFollette: nu uh, its in der jens
[19:56] Silverr Andel: lol
[19:56] Toy LaFollette: jeans
[19:56] William Gide: omg

[19:56] Valla Griffin: they should wash their jeans more often, then, huh toy?
[19:56] Miter Lorefield: cooties in our jens? was that a confession that girls have

[19:56] Toy LaFollette: ya
[19:57] Addora grabs Constantine by the ears and dunks him into a fleabath!
[19:57] Toy LaFollette: or flush dem

[19:57] Valla Griffin: girls don't have cooties! we are sweet and innocent and
clean. no cooties here.

[19:57] Miter Lorefield: [19:56] You: cooties in our jens? was that a confession
that girls have cooties?

[19:56] Toy LaFollette: ya <-- ok conversation over :P

[19:57] You: cooties came from girls just to bother boys with
[19:57] Mattholimeau Snoodle: so i am to believe at all girls are clean? hmmmm.....

[19:57] Silverr Andel: aha! Toy admitted girls have cooties.
[19:57] Valla Griffin sticks her tongue out at Blood.
[19:58] Toy LaFollette: an it weks don it??
[19:58] Toy LaFollette: werks
[19:58] You: lmao
[19:58] William Gide: I can't believe I'm witnessing this conversation.
[19:58] Addora Flute: lolol
[19:58] Valla Griffin: that's cuz you're a boy and you have cooties.
[19:58] Willis Bailey: i wish i wasnt
[19:58] Silverr Andel: I can believe it.
[19:58] Toy LaFollette: nooooo we dont.... we are made of sugar an spice, not

[19:58] Annie Obscure: now understands why there are child avatars but no parent

[19:58] William Gide: Evidently.
[19:58] You: I'm gonna put it on my blogg too
[19:58] Addora Flute: she can talk from experience her parents are neko
[19:58] Valla Griffin: there's lots of parents.
[19:58] William Gide: Annie, indeed.
[19:58] Toy LaFollette: my parents are right here :)

[19:58] Silverr Andel: Do you have cooties, William?
[19:59] William Gide: Where do gay guys fall into the cootie continuum?
[19:59] Toy LaFollette: addora is my momma and Constantine is ma daddy :)
[19:59] Valla Griffin: theya re still boys so they still have cooties.
[19:59] Addora Flute: nods
[19:59] William Gide: Cooties it is, then.
[19:59] Silverr Andel: they're still boys so they DON't have cooties.

[19:59] Peggy Sweetwater: they got clean cooties
[19:59] William Gide: Fabulous cooties, perhaps.
[19:59] Addora Flute: lolol
[20:00] Miter Lorefield is a lesbian trapped in a mans body. No cooties...
[20:00] Silverr Andel: lolol
[20:00] Addora Flute: ~* Umm No *~
[20:00] Addora Flute: gay cooties
[20:00] Santa Kwassmann: Cooties are in the eye of the beholder - which is exactly
as uncomfortable as it sounds....

[20:00] Valla Griffin: boy body = cooties. them's the rules
[20:00] Toy LaFollette: when boys grow up they loose the cooties wit der bwains
[20:00] Mattholimeau Snoodle: eye?
[20:00] Silverr Andel: girls are full of cooties.
[20:00] Annie Obscure: yep, had to be de-cootied

[20:00] Valla Griffin: girls are full of love and cuddles, not cooties!
[20:00] William Gide: I need a nap.
[20:00] Valla Griffin: hehe
[20:00] Solo Mornington will be glad when mutten announces.
[20:00] Toy LaFollette: GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!!!!
[20:00] You: no, girls are full of something else
[20:00] Athena Carillon: Yes Solo
[20:01] Silverr Andel: I DIDN'T DO IT
[20:01] William Gide: Has Mutton's report been lost in the cootie conversation?
[20:01] Addora Flute: lolol
[20:01] Valla Griffin: nope. he's too busy de-cootie-fying himself.
[20:01] William Gide: (How many ways can I alliterate on that?)
[20:01] Toy LaFollette: Kill the vampires!

[20:01] Valla Griffin: eek!

[20:01] Toy LaFollette: hehehe

[20:02] Valla Griffin: toy, do you need a vampire slayer outfit? i can hook you

[20:02] Toy LaFollette: naaa Im a goony an we don need dat

[20:02] Valla Griffin: kk

[20:02] Toy LaFollette: GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!!!!
[20:02] You: I gots an Angel avatar in my inventory
[20:03] Valla Griffin wishes she was a Goonie.
[20:03] You: with wood spikes that shoot

[20:03] Silverr Andel: you can't be an angel with cooties.
[20:03] Kit Nootan: lol...
[20:03] Miter Lorefield: lol
[20:03] Valla Griffin is aghast!
[20:03] Valla Griffin: toy does NOT have cooties!

[20:03] William Gide: The Great Cootie Conundrum of Kuula!

[20:03] Miter Lorefield: [19:56] Miter Lorefield: cooties in our jens? was that a confession that girls have cooties? [19:56] Toy LaFollette: ya

[20:03] Miter Lorefield: we all saw it

[20:03] Toy LaFollette: they dont let many girls in Goonies but I got in an when
there's a bunch of us we start doin the Goonies never say die :)
[20:03] Silverr Andel: (even if you're a girl with cooties)

So there you have it folks, the cooties was started by girls.

Now back to your cartoons.

Loki Boy's Burning Life

This is an Goonies Adventure. No, I'm not apart of their group nor am I apart of the Goonie Sepreatists group. You can find more fun movies at Loki Boy's youtube site.
Also at Loki's blog.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

SL's Burning Life

These are some pics of friend's places in the Burning Life sims.

NCI staff/teacher and mentor Imnotgoing Sideways has a build here: Toy Box
The build is a giant toy box with scaffolding around it leading to the top.
She also set out table and chairs, a truck and some craters.

Ah, the SLC has setup a small display around Loki Eliot's barn and dragon build.
Remember the haystack I crashed into at his island? Well, this was the result of it.
A dragon in the barn and a child's imagination. Here you will find the dragon as well as a movie, SLC display, a dragon hunt and many more fine child avie events.
Adults and child alike can come around to explore, dance and have fun.

This is Marianne McCann's display. It's a nice playground hangout for those that needs shade from the sun and a fun break from exploring.

I didn't find anyone except Koffeekid Smalls of the Milk -N- Kookies Show. He didn't stay long to sign my autograph.

This is Lorimae Undercroft's display. It looks great with all the artwork and photograph's she's done and taken over the past few months.

She wasn't home so I climbed out of the cupcake and moved on.

Hopefully I'll have the links listed and more stuff to see.
I'd better hurry, Burning Life is only for two weeks and after that this will all be gone.

Burning Life

Burning Life has started in Second Life. What is Burning Life? Here's what the Wiki says about it:

Burning Life was first held in 2003 when the grid was still in its infancy, and this is its 6th year running. Burning Life is the Second Life version of the real life Art, Fire and Community festival known globally as Burning Man. Both Burning Man and Second Life began in San Francisco, California, USA, (on planet Earth). But they have a lot more in common than their birthplace.

And for more information on it: Burning Life Wiki

And here's the blog on it: Burning Life Blog

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Met@Morph in Second Life

OMG, there's a comic book convention is Second Life!!!!!!
Okay, maybe it's not so much a convention of the traditional kind.
It's a comic convention of web comics. It's a new format that even the great Stan "The Man" Lee even got into and it's also a new format that the big paper companies such as DC and Marvel both fear and embrace. To one extent, the kinda knew it was coming but in a way feared it. Now we have the internet and soon 3-D environments such as Second Life and others. It's a new media and with that in mind new generations are finding comics on-line as well as in the paper kind.

I think this is a great way to open new doors to traditionalists like myself. I still prefer the paper kind to the online kind because it's more accessible to me.

Here is the web-link to the news piece: You're Invited: Met@Morph in Second Life

And this is where I first found out about it: Met@Morph, the first annual Web Comics Comic-Con and Conference held exclusively in Second Life!

Here's more:

Met@Morph: Second Life Web Comics Comic-Con and Conference

CFP: [General] Second Life Web Comics Comic-Con and Conference

I hope to see you there.

Monday, September 22, 2008


OMG, there's a Sokmunyzilla attacking Gemini Enfield's pirate ship at the Whippersnapper Sim. Film at eleven. Boy, I'd hate to see her when she wakes up in the morning. If you’re over at the Whippersnapper sim check out the ship. It's much bigger than my cozy boat. It's all right really. She wasn't going to burn the ship down.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm now sailing.

I bought me a boat and some surf boards to sail and surf.
I snaped some photos before dropping the camera.
Thankfully it didn't go in the water. It's kinda hard to sail and take pics at the same time.

I crashed on the Loki Eliot's Island.
Hmmm.... wonder what he's up to.

And then it was Talk like a Pirate day. For some reason I keep missing it.
He's some photos from a Talk like a Pirate day party.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm in heaven.

OMG!!! It's the land of the GIANT TOYS!!!!!

*gives sad kitty cat eyes*

Cans I plays????


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Road trip day 2

The next day on my roadtrip I went across the street from where I spent the night and resumed my trip starting with breakfast in the park.

This is where I saw a cool memorial for the First Mole on the Moon.

There was a display of our solor sysatem with two new planets that I never knew was out there. Yes, I had to tak a pic of the planet that everyone likes to make fun of.

I will take a moment to let you all to post your silly jokes for this planet.

I passed by a interesting place. The Channel Island Mental Hospital

Linden Dept of Mental Welfare
Gov Linden Gov - Cyn Linden Director

Someone left a the gate open. I hope I'm alone out here.
Hmmmm.... I can see a Halloween post coming.

Ah finally. I'm here at the first welcome center on the route from Bay City.
North Chanel Welcome Center

What welcome center would be incomplete without someone yelling "onigokko!!"

Oh, and someone thought to bring maracas.
That could only mean mambo time.

After a long ride I made it to Ahen Celcome Center

Now how am I going to get home?

I found a sandbox nearby with some vehicles but they turned me down as far as rides go. Now why a KFC bucket of chicken with the song playing from it would be in a sandbox I'll never know. he he he. I also found a cheeseburger car. Not my style.

I would need a license to drive or fly home so I hitchhiked on another airship home.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Road trip day 1

I went on a road trip the past two days. I took an airship to my starting point and then rode my bike back.

I was droped off at the Bay City Airship Terminal. I then took to biking the rest of the way to the Ahem welcome center.

Bay City Airshp Terminal

I stopped off at a cool diner and dance place. All done up in 50's style, but there wasn't anyone there so I just had a cola, checked out the cool stuff including a hot rod and then went on.

Josies's Bay City Diner

I biked for a time looking at the stores, homes and miscellanies buildings.
Also included on this road is some trolley stops, parks and a playground.

Swing sets and park

You know how us kid avis are, we just have to stop and play at playgrounds.
I played for a while testing out all the cool stuff until I smelled something fowl in the air.

Bay City Dept of Sanitation

It was the Bay City Dept. of Sanitation; Pumping Station #1.
Their motto: "It's not rocket science". My response: "Well, I hope not".
Needless to say I moved on.

Awwww, I'm still a long way from home.

Curiosity got the best of me when I saw a bowling alley.
"Lawl!!" I exclaimed.

Hot Balls Bowling Alley

You know what? I'm not even going to coment on the name of the place.
I'm sure you can come up with some silly jokes and comments on your own.
By the way, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Of all the alleys I've been down, I've never been down one I could play in.

Bowling score:
Player: Bloodfang Clawtooth
Round: 13/13
Shot: 2/2
Toatl score: 72

It was getting late and I was getting tired so I called it a night.
I spent the night in a trolley stop. I'm glad no one was around.

I'm also glad no one was there to steap on my tail.

I'll continue tomorrow and have a map to show you.