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Around the Grid in 30 days: New York NYC

Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today I want to be a part of it - New York NYC.

Yes, it's the city that never sleeps... in Second Life. This is where landmarks such as the Stature of Liberty, Apollo theatre, New York Pubil Library and WTC Memorial are located. Also located here is stores, an art gallery, places to chill.

World Trade Center Memorial: Bloodfang Clawtooth Welcome to the World Trade Center Memorial & Statue of Liberty.
ALWAYS be Respectful and Polite
Feel free to drive the streets. Don't run anyone over please & stay off the grass.
Enjoy your stay. Please come back often.

Bloodfang Clawtooth Welcome to the World Trade Center Memorial.
No Aircraft, No Weapons, No Nudty. Please show respect.
Please turn on the radio to hear the reading of the names.
The names are at the base of the Towers for you to read.


We are an OOC sim. All types of avatars are allowed, but all actions must be that of an adult. This is a Mature sim and NO RL persons under 18 will ever be allowed. AR’s are filed 100% of the time for minors.

No Bloodlines
No Sion Chicken
No Spam (unless it is fried)
No Begging

We use Banlink for all bans

Main TP Point -
Popular TP Point -

9/11 Names -
Reading oof the names (turn on your radio) -
Firehouse 10 & Firefighters Memorial -
Info HUB/Gateway -
Statue of Liberty -
China Town -
Little Italy -
Adboards -

***** RENTAL RATES *****

* Shops *

Commercial space: $4L per prim

Residential space: $2L per prim (150 prims minimum & 500 prims maximum)

One partner allowed on the box and to share prims

See rental box for location minimums

Click box for copy of rules

* Kiosks *

15 prims for $100L

No extra prims available in kiosks.

Only one Kiosk per person.

No sharing kiosks.

Click rental box for rules

********* Basic Sim Rules **********

Although this is a mature sim we DO NOT allow nudity in public. If you live here, what you do, in private, behind closed doors is up to you.

This is not an adult content sim and complies with adult content rules

This is a Regent Estates Sim

We use BanLink, so if you decide to break the rules here it will affect you in other places as well. All private conversations are subject to being shared if needed for a ban or otherwise.


We do not retexture the shops.

If you want a different texture on the inside you are welcome to place a false wall/floor with the texture you want.

Nothing sticking thru the walls

************************* SIGNS **********************************

Must be flat to the surface of the shop

Do not block the roads or walkways

Nothing to extend past 1 meter outside the shop

Only signs for your shop and main store are allowed.

Advertising for other locations or shops, clubs, etc is not.

We provide ad boards around the sim if you wish to advertise anything else other than your shop or main store.

Signs only on the FRONT of your shop, nothing on the sides of the shops

Please make sure all signs look good not just with your store but with the sim in general.

Signs that do not fit well will be removed and we will let you know why so you can fix the problem and try again.

No rotating items

No moving items

No spinning itmes

Animated Gifs or texture changing signs are allowed.

No hover text that bleed thru the walls.

******************************* STUFFS **************************

Each place has a minimum prim amount, see the rental box. More prims are available upon request at $4L per prim in 25 prim increments.

If you exceed your prim limit we will simply add the extra tier, to the nearest 25 prim to your tier box.

Need to know your count? The boxes are meant to give you a prim count but there are times SL does not allow it for whatever reason. There is not much we can do when SL is not working right.

Go to TOOLS….SELECT MY OBJECTS ONLY. Then go to EDIT and highlight your location. This will select only your objects. Then look in the GENERAL tab. Your prim count will be there.

The staff will not be available for prim counts. When you are over your limit the box does send you a notice as such. You will have 24 hours to lower your prim count before your items are returned.

Please try to think of your fellow retailers:

No spamming chat vendors

No high scripted items

No note card givers OUTSIDE the store (inside is fine)

No open listeners

No timers

No open sensors

No spy objects

No light Objects

No particles

No talking or sound emiters

No things that offer free lindens for doing surveys, such as Hippie pay

Touch to active items only

No camping chairs

Lucky chairs are ok

Scavenger hunts are ok

We activly monitor daily for high lag items and those will be returned without notice. No items that rate on a time .2 or over will be allowed.

Please do not leave shops empty longer than 48 hours. If a shop goes vacant longer than 48 hours the lease will be terminated without refund.

No refunds are ever issued under for any reason. Once you agree to the terms you are saying you have read the rules and agree to all of them.

*********************** JOIN THE GROUP ***************************

The boxes send an invite automatically – IF you do not get it, look in MELODY REGENT profile for the staff list, one of them will be able to help. Membership is required. We send out all changes via notice. We are not responsible if you leave the group or turn off the notices.

If you need anything at all, open the REGENT ESTATES group and ask for a staff member. We try to have 24 hours service to our clients.

NO SPAMMING in the group channel for anything not DIRECTLY related to Island business. If you wish to advertise your shop contact Melody Regent and a notice can be sent. If you spam the channel you will be ejected from the group and banned from the island. No refunds will be given. NO SPAM.

**************************** RENT PAYMENTS *************************

Your rent is due on or before it expires. We send out notice of due rent daily, for four days prior to expiration. This gives you plenty of time make sure you are paid.

If you are gonna be away, please pay far enough ahead so as not to loose your location

If your rent expires, you will be gently removed from the group and your thing will be returned to your inventory. They will be located in your “Lost and Found” folder and may be called Object. We are not responsible if SL doesn’t return them to your inventry.

Everyone in game is 18 years old or older so responsible enough to keep up with rent.

***************************** OTHER STUFF ***************************

Abuse or misappropriation of trademarks, copyrights or any other intellectual property of SL or RL is not permitted and we will not be held libel if you choose the break the laws.

Copybotting will not be allowed and removed instantly

We will not limit the types of shops in the sim. This is a mature sim and everyone is welcome. The Staff of Regent Estates has no control over what others do or say. If you are sensitive to sexual or explicit language please keep this in mind. You may sell anything you choose, no approval is needed. The only exception to this rule is anything that allows you to copy items. Those will be removed instantly. We have heard all the arguments and this is still our choice.

If you wish to sponsor sim events, please contact the staff for requirements.

All rules, rates and policies are subject to change with or without notice at any time.


It is our goal to run a clean beautiful sim for all to enjoy. Rules are here so you know, up front, what to expect. This will not turn into a run down trashy sim with no regard for your needs. If we keep it beautiful people will come back time and again.

We will have a minimum of five adverts running at all times to encourage visitors to stop by and go for a stroll and visit your shops. Each advert will have a different TP location so we can get traffic to each section of each sim.

We do not advertise for individual stores. We do encourage you to do this. It cost as little as $50 a week to advertise and we have found it will increase your business and boost your sales.

We will be holding regular events and activities on the island. This brings people in for the event but it also gets them to have a look around. The sim is free to use for events, just contact the staff for times.

We do not push traffic on the sims, but we do try to attract people here to see it and enjoy it.

If at any time you have a problem with a griefer or anyone else IM the group chat right away.

Please use the following format when IM the group for help.

Open the chat window.

Type in “SECURITY”

Then add the URL (you can get this when you go to map and copy to clipboard)

Someone will be around as quickly as possible to assist. We WILL NOT tolerate problems and they WILL be dealt with accordingly. We do try to maintain a 24 hour security staff for this reason.

We will monitor the island for lag and make all attempts to keep it as low as possible. If you have an item causing excessive lag it will be returned.

The staff tries to work in shifts and have someone around to help at all times. However, this is not always possible. If you need something, feel free to IM group chat see if someone is on. If not, IM one of the staff listed below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We make an effort to get back to everyone within the same day whenever possible.

Our IM’s are open at anytime. IM the group chat with any questions you may have and you will find it very helpful. NO SPAMMING ALLOWED. Spamming will cause you to be ejected from the group and banned from the island. The group IM is for SIM business, suggestions and chat only.

We have rental agents available to help you. IM one of the staff below and we will make sure you are contacted ASAP.

Thank you and we look forward to a long, prosperous and mutually beneficial relationship with you. If you have further questions or require special conditions, please let us know.

At Regent Estates we offer a huge range of land products to meet your every need. It is our goal to offer you a pleasant experience in Second Life and that starts with us.

No matter your land or rental need we offer something that may fit. If we don’t, just ask and we may be able to come up with something that is perfect for you.

From Full Sim rentals to small mall space we have it all. Below you will find a list of sims and what is possible on each sim. Don’t see what you need? IM Melody Regent and lets talk.

We also offer Grizzly Radio – This is a 24hour radio we play on the sims. As a client of Regent Estates, you will be offered a free radio spot (conditions apply). The radio is heard across SL and have a solid listening base. If you would like to run an add on the radio, please contact Bo Forcella for details.

Sim Corner Stone Stores

Essenza Skins -
Unicorn Dreams -
SD Wears -
V Twins -
Talins Sculptie Workshop -

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