Saturday, September 19, 2009

Palm reading at Medevil faire in Raglan

Now I won't say what the Great Clowey Greenwood had told me, but it'll be very silly.

Login re-directs to Zindra

**So when I logged in, my home sim wasn't available. I was redirected to Zindra, and this worried me, so I contacted live support. Chatlog follows.

- Soki**

What kind of issue are you having?
Inworld Issue

opr_9882401204cde46b2be097b71142eefc48b3b283-65e2-45cb-9b54-c76fc34673c7: Thank you for contacting Second Life Live Chat support! An agent will be with you in a moment.

Minerva: Hi there, Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga. Welcome to Minerva's live help. As I am speaking with a number of residents currenty, I appreciate your patience very much. If this call pertains to an Inworld Abuse Incident, please file an Abuse Report inworld by selectiong Help>Report abuse in your client.

Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga: Hi. I just logged in, and my usual sim was unavailable, so I was redirected ti a sim on Zindra. This wouldn't ordinarily be an issue, but I'm a child avatar. Is there a way to not get redirected there again?

Minerva: I'm afraid not. There's not harm in being in a mature or adult region as a child avatar. It's just that the activities that you choose to conduct yourself in :)

Minerva: *no

Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga: ok. But what if I get sent there and someone ARs me? What's my recourse?

Minerva: The Governance team (G-Team) investigates these matters fully. If there isn'y any evidence of a TOS or community standards violation, you don't have to worry about recourse. :)

Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga: the thing is, there's a proximity thing in the TOS. if I get dumped in the wrong place, I might be close to pose-balls or something.

Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga: Which would be a violation of TOS. And not my fault.

Minerva: No, no, please don't worry abou that. Being close to a poseball doesn't mean your quilty.

Minerva: *guilty even (Forgive me, it's early and Saturday)

Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga: it's happened to kids I know.

Minerva: I can't discuss specifics of other residents. However, it takes more than just being near a poseball for it to be a TOS violation.

Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga: may I quote you on that?

Minerva: lol Sure, if you like. But like I said, it's the activities that you choose to conduct yourself in that make all the difference.

Minerva: *add an s on makes...

Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga: I understand that. I just wish all SL residents did. ok. quoting you for Sept 19, 2009 6:26 am SL time.

Minerva: Okay. Why do you need to quote me? :)

Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga: so I can tell other kids, in case it happens to them.

Minerva: The TOS and community standards should cover the specifics of Ageplay. Ah, okay. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga: nope. thanks for your help.

Minerva: You're welcome.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A fellow blogger at the Vortex

Adz Childs at the Vortex. Adz is a fellow kid blogger.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Maturity ratings: an overview

Tiny jousting in Raglan

Tiny jousting pics:

Raymond Nightfire, Morgan Underwood, Songbird Sorbet and a few others participated.
This is just one of many events during Raglan's Renaissance month.

Friday, September 11, 2009

911 WTC Memorial sim

Another memorial:

There are too many New York sims. LOL. I made a mistake thinking I bloged another sim when I thought it was this one.

9/11 greeter: Bloodfang Clawtooth Welcome to the World Trade Center Memorial.
Please turn on your radio, you will hear the names of all the people that died today 8 years ago There is one flag for each person, to match the country they are from.
Today is a simple day of remembrance and reflection. (step a bit away from the TP point if you can so that others have rez room, TY)

This is a FREE American Flag Lapel Pin.

It is attached to the chest and initially will float a "few" inchs away from your avatar.

You can use the included FREE Posing Stand (created by Cailyn Miller) to pull it closer and repostion it to your individual Av's size.

Rez the stand, right click on it and choose "Sit Here".
Once you are standing on the stand, right click on the Lapel Pin and choose EDIT. From there you may use the red,green and blue sliders to adjust it ;)

I made this pin by scanning the American Flag Lapel Pin I wear in RL and tweakinga nd trying to "clean" the resulting texture.

I own several of these pins in RL and have worn one with every outfit I own since the tragic events of 09-11-01. It is something I've missed in SecondLife and after talking with others, decided to produce the one you now own.

I hope you enjoy it and that it will express whatever seniment you have about the country called America ... still the Land of the Free.

Sami Tabla

911 Memorial Memorial

The owners of this sim took the time and effort to put up a memorial for the people who lost their lives on 911.

Someone had said: "Well, wanting to is something that everyone does... sacrificing their time and energy to make it happen, that is special."

No notecards of freebies. I'm sure if you ask them, they'll let you leave a candle or rose or something.

Memorial at the Salt Creek sim

You get some goodies here too.

“911 Rememberance- Memorial” in Virtual World
" We Will Never Forget".

“911 Rememberance- Memorial” in Virtual World (Second Life)


On September 11th, 2001 .... four American Airliners were hijacked. Two of these planes were crashed into the World Trade Center and one into the Pentagon. The last plane crashed eighty miles southeast of Pittsburgh.
Eight years later, Americans and nationalities covering the planet, remember... in the real world AND in a Virtual World of Second Life, those tragic occurrences.

A 24 hour Remembrance-Memorial Service begins September 11th at 10 A.M. EST. The program consists of Memorial Services repeated twice, including a 21 gun salute, and additionally, speakers that are real-life Survivor/relatives of 911. The exceptional architectural design, compassionate vocal presentations, and numerous "live" on-stage performances will also memorialize that day:

" We Will Never Forget".

Second Life® is a virtual-reality world socialized by its Residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited with over 16 million Residents from around the globe.
The moment you enter this dimension you'll experience a vast digital continent, teeming with people, entertainment, exploitations and opportunity in a 3-D world presentation.

SL is a complex and rich social networking- environment, encouraging an individual to build and form compelling relationships, resulting in deep, profound and meaningful experiences while participating in a variety of activities. It is a visually-compelling environment with communications utilizing means of Voice, Chat, Animations and Gestures.

History of 911 Memorial in SL
This is the fourth year of remembrance in Second Life. Creation of last year's event took over 200 volunteers, participating in its construction, and over 3000 visitors paid their respects. The monetary funds raised from this memorial, were then donated to Real Life 911 Charities.

Location this year
Coyote Country Saloon at Salt Creak SIM.
Salt Creek is one of the oldest Country-Western based Sims on SL. Privileged and touched by the participation of so many dedicated volunteers and participants, that have given their time, efforts, and contributions towards the development of this memorable " We Will Never Forget”..... the owners have, this year, donated the space for its implementation to the public.

Constructed and located on a sky-platform above Salt Creek, access to this memorial, begins on Coyote Country's sandy beach with teleportation provided. Considering the volume of visitation expected, rare back-ups might be anticipated. Consequently, they warmly invite you to enjoy the Salt Creek's (Coyote Country's) exhibits while waiting access to the "911" memorial.

Time and Date of the Event
September 11, 2009 10 A.M. EST – September 12, 2009 10 A.M. EST

WEB Site -
A 911 Memorial website has been established, that you can log in, keep track of scheduled events and activities and update with everyone concerning your role in honoring the 911 Memorial in SL.
Participate in the discussion forums, post your comments and shared experiences.

911 in the NYC sim

I blogged this sim this past July. There isn't any notecards for this place, when you first tp to the sim, look around for the sign that will tp you to the Twin Towers. There you can pick up a t-shirt and memorial candle to wear.

There's a website:

Sept 11, 2009

This is a third annual Second Life 9/11 Memorial Event that are based on real life police and fire traditions ( depending on volunteers availablity). This will provide opporuntities for anyone that may not be able to attend real life 9/11 event for various reasons.

The speakers from various background such as doctor, firefighters, officers and other will be presenting, including Hope McAlpine, the creator of this event. Every attempt is made to invite speakers in different languages.

We feel honoured to have bagpipers to play for us again this year. They have been truly amazing in demostrating their unwavering dedication.

The honourable positions such as 21 gun salutes, honour guards, and other positions are typically reserved for real life police, firefighters, EMS, disasters and other responders. But also for whose avatar that have unrefutable and soild , upstanding reputation.

We read name of fallen officers, firefighters, EMS, military and others.

We have memorial services that repeats every 6 hours:
Sept 11th 8 am
Sept 11th 2 pm
Sept 11th 8 pm
Sept 12th 2 am
Sept 12th 8 am

This run continiously 24 hours and the 9/11 memorial site is available for anyone to visit at anytime. This way, people arould the world will have a chance to pay their respect according to their schedule.

We also have muscians with live stream continously . Tips they received will be given to charity that will assist those who have served at the ground zero.

This event have been widely covered by numerous medias including Real Life CNN coverage.

VOLUNTEERS URGENTLY NEEDED. Perferences will be given to real life police officers, firefighters, EMS and other responders.

NO SECOND LIFE POLICE OFFICER OR FIREFIGHTER WILLL BE ALLOW TO WEAR SL UNIFORM... except RL responders may wear their uniform smiliar to RL uniform. Does not have to be exact likiness but similiar.

If you have any question, feel free to contact as list below.

Drakken Calhoun
Hope McAlpine
Jorie Teichmann
Vickie Maidstone

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Alert a missing person

Jenifer Seabra missed since 4 days
Tue Sep 08 2009 04:36 PM

Jenifer Seabra missed since 4 days
Account name: Jenifer Martinek

She wanted to meet someone she met in SL in RL and her parents are concerned
Infos please to

Jenifer Seabra missed since 4 days
Account name: Jenifer Martinek

She wanted to meet someone she met in SL in RL and her parents are concerned
Infos please to

---please forward this note----and translate to your language if possible.


Jenifer Martinek ist in RL Jenifer Seabra und sie wird schon seit 4 tage vermisst ihre eltern machen sich sorgen .sie wollte jemand von sl in rl besuchen mit einen bekannte. wenn jeman information hat bitte an den vater email schreiben ich bedanke mich im vorraus bitte es weiter geben


Jennifer Seabra è scomparsa da 4 giorni
il suo account name è Jenifer Martinek
Sembra lei volesse incontrare in RL qualcuno conosciuto in SL
Se avete qualsiasi informazione circa questa persona siete pregati di scrivere a questo indirizzo email:

Grazie per qualsiasi aiuto

Saturday, September 5, 2009

New store location.

I moved my store just down the sidewalk to a bigger place.
I hope to have more stuff out soon. I did put a section up for tinies.
and the land behind it will have something, just don't know what yet.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The world comes to an end...

No, SL isn't ending, but the real world might just be.

Disney buys Marvel Comics
Wed Sep 02 2009 07:23 AM

Many of you might have seen it in the papers, many likely did not. Yesterday Disney announced it is buying marvel comics.

You might have noticed there is no SL Disney here., nor are disney characters readily available. That is because Disney is famous for protecting it's owned copyright and tradmarked characters through lawsuits.

I just wanted to make sure people here playing an selling marvel avatars are aware of the possibility that there may be problems soon.

Say it ain't so bub.

Kid bots?

Kid Botz (Send responses by 4pm SLT)
Thu Sep 03 2009 03:50 AM

Hi Milk N Kooksters! The Kookie Staff is planning on discussing the new "kids" in SL. We'd like to know how you feel about this, so we can talk about your opinions on the show. Attached is the notecard that discribes what these are, in case you are not aware. I'm sure we will get very different answers. Please send your feelings,on a notecard titled Kid Botz to SAGE KOSTENBAUM. If you'd like to stay anonymous, please tell me in the card. :) We'll probably talk about the article in the Secondlife Herald.

Wait there's more...

Tired of adopting kids on Sl only to have them soak you for Lindens and Land, lie to you and bail? Now there is a better solution.

Thanks for visiting SL's most unique artificial intelligence. KidsBotz ae REAL child avatars that stay logged in, 24/7 through the KidsBotz servers and await your commands. They are the most well behaved kids on Second Life!

Our Kids have hundreds of functions. In fact, they can do just about anything a real person can do. They can walk, follow, sit, use pose balls, stand, fly, talk, shout, dance, attack, change clothing and MUCH much more...

They can even hold intelligent conversations, programmed to respond to over 3 million words and phrayses... Or you can tell them what to say... on real time.

Oh, and did we mention that you can choose the rate in which they grow? Or stay the same age forever? Because you have total control, you can reskin, shape and dress them as often as you want... Or not at all...

They can also be programmed to send instant welcome IMs to people that visit your land, Landmarks, Group Invites and even copy/trans inventory offerings. And they send it to people that visit your land, no matter where the child is on the SL Grid.

Also, all of our bots are Age Verified. However, since they must be teleported by you, in order to go to an adult sim, you must be Age Verified also.

The cost? Very inexpensive. You have TWO options:

Adopt one of our kids: 899 Lindens a week plus a one time, 1000 adoption fee.

Make your own Child Avatar: 899 Lindens a week, 500 adoption fee.

Our kids only limitation is YOUR imigination.

Adopt your KidsBot today!

NOTE: These kids are NOT for traffic, camping or use in ANY adult oriented situation. Should you use your bot inappropiately, your adoption agreement will be terminated immediately with no refund and you will be reported to Linden Labs. This is a ZERO TOLARANCE policy.

And yet more here: Second Life Herald

My point of view is this, that I can see this leading to very bad uses for this technology. Can you say sex toys? I say ban these things before the pedos have a field day with them.