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Around the Grid in 30 days: Raglan sims.

Todays sim is Raglan. Now there is seven sims for Raglan. So where to start?
I know the puuuuuurfect place. Lorimae's Catbox

*glub, glub, glub* Lorimae is redoing her place so that it'll better serve her customers and friends. The store is still open and you can always fish here.

She has some good customs, I'll have to come back and fish for them.

Raymand Nightfire has a place just down the path from Lorimae. He's got some store stuff as well as fishing stuffs.

They are in the Morning Shire sim.

There are more NCI regulars in Raglan, including yours truly. The sims are always in beautiful lush greens dotted with lots of neat builds.

Don't forget to come at all hours of the day and night. They really fix things up at night time all of which makes for great pics.

Yar har!!! I'm about to plunder this ship. It's pirate month so beware of ships and tinies with sharp objects. This ship, the fort behind it and some nice scenic areas are in the Heron Shire.

The Morning Shire has tinie's stores and homes.

Pirates month is as follows:


YAARRRRR! We be tiny pirates and we be celebrating and aplundering from Saturday, July 18th through Sunday, August 8th. Piratey goods to be had in the caves on Rabbit Skull Island in the middle of Raglan Shire.


Opening Day Pirate Party - Sat 7/18 @ noon
Tunez and dancing on at Rabbit Skull Island

Treasure Hunt: "The Hunt for Purkle Beard's Treasure"
20 chests with merchant gifts, clue in each to location of next chest. Particpants will get a treasure map.
Details to be announced shortly. Ongoing thru the month.

Pirate Galleon Course on Galaxy Shire waters.
Ongoing. Go try it now! Like surfing except in tiny pirate ships.

MICRO RACE: Pirate SHARK Riding Races! - Sat 7/25 from 9 am -1pm
Raglan Galaxy . Details to be announced.

Pirate-Themed Trivia & Dancing: Sat 7/25 @ 1 pm

Live Music in Raglan Shire:
Sun Jul 19 @ noon TallGuy Kidd
Sun Aug 2 @ 1 pm AcousticEnergy Nightly

Muppet Treasure Island - Sat 7/25 @ 6 pm & Sun 7/26 @ noon
Goonies - Sat 8/8 @ 6 pm & Sun 8/9 @ noon

Piratey Classes at Raglan U:
7/21 @ noon : Arrr! There Be Pirates with Toady
7/22 @ noon : Pirate Chest with Mutley

Raglan Regatta - details to be announced

Pirate Primtionary:
Tuesdays @ 10:30 am
Fridays @ 5 pm

In the Raglan Shire they have stores, Primtionay, the Raglan Tree Gallery, Wynx Whiplash's store (famous for tinies such as me as well as being one of the founders), Raglan Shire Arcade, a sandbox where they teach classes from time to time, and The Paw & Whisker which is a favorite hangout.

There's even Bunny Isleand where us tinies put up venders for selling pirate items for Pirate month.

Wynx's Orignal Tinies
Super Tinies

Welcome Center

There's plenty of shops including a Locos Pocos shop.

Athen Shire is more of a residental area, Extrovirtual also has stores including Wynx Whiplash's main store and Abranimations (animations for tinies).

Extrovirtual also has stores, homes, Museum of Raglan History, a park, and a hospital.

The museum is managed by a friend of mine Xavier Felwitch.

The Museum of Raglan History was opened in the Spring of 2008 to showcase past events held amongst the ever-expanding community of Raglan.

Many events, including the Medieval Festival and Mardi Gras were such lively and fun events that Xavier Felwitch decided to open the museum and put memorabilia from these events and many more onto display.

The exhibits will continue to grow and change as many more events are created and enjoyed and will ask to be remembered for new tinies to enjoy or for other tinies to reminisce.


Museum Curator Professor Xavier Felwitch

Museum mannequins and picture frames provided by Panacea Pangaea

Olympic Flame display donated by Chaffro Schoonmaker and Summer Seale

Rabbit Statue provided by Sedona Sparrow

Winterfest ice sculptures donated by Summer Seale, Teal Freenote and Panacea Pangaea

Many thanks to the following for their donations of their hard efforts, many of which enhance and brighten all of the events; many thanks as well to all those who attended and enjoyed the events, without whom these celebrations would never come to life.

Those who have kindly donated items or snapshots to the museum include Etheria Parrott, Panacea Pangaea, Minea Auer, Awor Blabbermouth, Zayn Till, Sedona Sparrow, Jaid Marsi, Josephine Planer, AlohaLani Heron, Teal Freenote, Catten Carter, Tea Gupte, Akay Utu, Xandra Bracken, Greta Umarov, CaptCuddles Boa, Peaches Latrell, Cyra Petion, Tasia Tonic, Xerxes Luna, DrFran Babcock, 1wuz Gray, Manannan Amat, Comka Diplomat, Scrumpy Dukes, Shadow Marlin, Teejay Torok, Chaffro Schoonmaker, Euclidean Surface, Eren Padar, Bo Fiddlesticks, Morticia Uram, Legolas Ceawlin, Vanilla Sola, Chow Wise, Norritt Xi, ReignShadow Walker, Shady Fox, Nora Wayne, Stillpink Sandgrain, Summer Seale, OffRoader Mulberry, Woodbury Sewell, Sodovan Torok, Qyhat Harbour, Xylo Tenk, Eleanora Newell, Asriazh Frye and Lorimae Undercroft.

And we recently went into space with the Raglan Galaxy space sim.
When you teleport here you land near a fire pit on the beach. Just take the teleport to the space station. That is where you'll find more stores, apartments and a star trek area.

For the month of pirate they have a ship race set up. I didn't do so good.

*merowls sadly*

[07:46 AM] Bloodfang Clawtooth missed 1 checkpoints and gets a penalty time of 16.000000 seconds. Finishing time is: 115.849960

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