Wednesday, July 1, 2009

30 sims in 30 days: Wizard sim

I'm starting a whole new thing this summer. Thirty sims in thirty days.
I wanted to explore Second Life and all it's glory so here it goes.
And I'm doing it as a tiny.

For my first random sim I put in wizard and got:

It's a place for interactive art mostly sculptur but there is a photo art gallery.
Be fore warned to tinies, the pose balls and teleports are for big people.

This is my favorite area. Turn up your speakers and set the sim to midnight for best.

I didn't do it.

Again, it's very interavite artwork.

Note: My arrow keys were disabled after "sitting" on this artwork. Becareful.

All in all it was a great and very exploritive sim. Great fun is to be had.
I'd recomend it.

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