Thursday, July 9, 2009

30 sims in 30 days: Fun and Learning sim

OMG!!!! I didn't blog yesterday!!! So today I'll post twice.
This post's sim is called Fun and Learning.

Which way to go? There's a school, movie theatre, stores, a courtyard to dance in...

Service? Where? I'll just help meself to the popcorn.

A taaaaall building for a smaaaaaaall avie.

I did talk to the owner and here's what she said:

-- Instant message logging enabled --
[06:52 AM] Alexia Speizer: hello sweetie I am the Estate owner welcome to F & L the place is still a mess a bit but let me know if I can help you with anything
[06:53 AM] Bloodfang Clawtooth: ok
[06:53 AM] Alexia Speizer: right now I am setting up the adoption and dating agency so it will maybe be done later on today
[06:53 AM] Bloodfang Clawtooth: cool
[06:59 AM] Bloodfang Clawtooth: What kind of adoption will it be?
[07:00 AM] Alexia Speizer: on the 1st floor there is a dating agency and on the 2nd floor there is going to be child adoption
[07:00 AM] Alexia Speizer: i am just setting up cames and stuff up here now
[07:00 AM] Alexia Speizer: I already have 5 children so they will love to play here too lol
[07:02 AM] Bloodfang Clawtooth: ok, you'll have to be carful what you put in a sim. If your having the adoption, then you'll have to do the dating service discretly.
[07:03 AM] Bloodfang Clawtooth: The way Linden Labs changes the Terms of Service every year, I'd be carful. I like the idea and all.
[07:03 AM] Alexia Speizer: huh I am trying to match couples that want kids
[07:03 AM] Alexia Speizer: i am not running anything sexual
[07:03 AM] Alexia Speizer: its a pg sim
[07:03 AM] Bloodfang Clawtooth: In the dating service?
[07:04 AM] Alexia Speizer: just people looking to be in love
[07:04 AM] Alexia Speizer: so on one level they find love and on the next level they can find a kid
[07:04 AM] Bloodfang Clawtooth: ok cool

Uh-huh. One level they date, the next they have kid. Go figure.
You be the judge.

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