Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tiny Carolers

I'm a caroling tiny as we go from spot to spot caroling.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Raglan's Winterfest

The Raglan activities calendar is available online at: - click Event Calenar link on right side of the page.

SEKRET SANTA - look for notices about this
Sunday 11/29 - Dec 2 - Sign Up! Drop your name in Sekret Santa box to participate
Dec 3 - begin - pick up your stocking with name of your Sekret Santa giftee at Great Tree Steve, Heron Shire Forest
Thurs Dec 24th - 2 prezzie exchange parties - 11 am and 5 pm slt
Location: tba

Artisan Ornaments for the Community Tree & 3rd Tree Topper Contest!
Look for notices about these
Location: Raglan Holiday Village

Snowman Building Contest - Look for notices about this

3rd Annual Etheria Parrott Ice Sculpty Sculpture competition
Look for notices on how to enter and date of judging and awards.
Location:Raglan Holiday Village

Tiny Holiday Carolling - around the grid
Look for notices.

Skating & Skiing Party - DJd music
Location:R aglan Holiday Village

Sun Dec 6: Kitti & Chaff Wedding & Party noon -3 pm
Location: tba

Sat/Sun Dec 12-13: Winter Wootstock - Tiny Music Festival 11am-5pm
Live musicians, DJd music, FuzzNutz, CRASH, movies each day at 7 pm
Location: tba - Watch for notices.

Sat Dec 19 - Hogwatch Celebration noon - 3 pm

Dec 20 - Holiday Pajama Party - noon - 4 pm
a pajama party, with pillow fights and hot cocoa and all that, some holiday story telling, then Muppet Christmas Carol movie.
Location: Galaxy Theater Dome.

Sat Dec 26th - Holiday Aerodrome Party & Games noon - 2pm
Parachute drop, air race, party
Location: Raglan Aerodrome on Raglan Commons

New Year's Eve Bash - Thurs Dec 31 - 2 pm to 12:30 am
Celebrating New Year's through the time zones.
DJ'd music, fireworks and celebration. Happy New Year every :00
Location: sky platform

Sat Jan 2 - Winter Sled Race - noon - 2 pm
- Isis, Chester, Iwanta
Location: Raglan Shire

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tiny Thanksgiving at a spot in Raglan

A turky dressed tiny.

Lots of fun...

...and dancing.

Turkey... nom, nom, nom.


Wake me for tomarow.

Happy Thanksgiving

Mmmmmm pumpkin pie!!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tinies ice skating

Winterfest is comming soon. The Shire is gonna be snowed in soon.
Today we ice skate. Is there a hockey team in the works?


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Raglan Has Talent

Marlon8000 Hastings plays guitar at the Raglan Shire Talent Show.
What's my talent? I donno, it'll be something to work on for next year.

The Mentors gruop is closing?

Seems like it. I feel like they are taking a part of our fun away.

[12:29] Loretta Lurra: Open note to any Lindens that monitor this communication channel: I have been in SL for over three years and a Mentor for a fairly long period of time. I own 40 sims and pay Linden over $6,000 per month for them. During my time in Sl i have witnessed a successive chain of horrible decisions by the SL executive team. Some of which are not simply bad business decisions - but totally inexplicable from logical analysis; however, with your decision to end the Mentor program you have simply outdone yourselves. You take 3500 or so people who are committed to helping others - and throw that talent, expertise, and experience out the window. What in the world is wrong with you people? Are you simply idiots as some say? You claim that the Mentor program is simply too large to administer: well, get a clue. Reduce the number of Mentors to a managable level. Take the best of the best ( Admittedly I am not one of those) and get an actual adult

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh bawls, the Lindens are at it again.

I just recived word that the Lindens will charge content creators (our) money or a fee for listing on Xstreet. I took all my stuff down from it.

The Blog link:

The Forum response so you can put your say in:

Basicly it's like this:

LL are going to introduce some charges:

* 99L per month for freebie listings
* They are charging a MINIMUM 3 lindens surcharge on all items sold for 1 linden or more
* 10L per item per month for anything over $1L

For example: if you have 10 items on there, you will now have to pay $1200L per year to have them on SLX or if you have 100 items, thats $12,000L per year

And freebies don't get listed in search or anything

All I have to say is Content creators and website builders, come to gether and create your own sites to sell stuff. I'm sure there will be other like minded people out there that will work on sites to sell their stuff.

Also, go find a Linden and ask them what's going on?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Andy Warhol inspired artwork

This is my Andy Warhol inspired work.

Here's the link:

Real life stuff

I'm not in SL as much for the holidays. I am fixing stuff up for my store now.
Doing more comic type stuff. Here's a pic I fixed up when I found a simple tutorial to do it.