Friday, September 11, 2009

Sept 11, 2009

This is a third annual Second Life 9/11 Memorial Event that are based on real life police and fire traditions ( depending on volunteers availablity). This will provide opporuntities for anyone that may not be able to attend real life 9/11 event for various reasons.

The speakers from various background such as doctor, firefighters, officers and other will be presenting, including Hope McAlpine, the creator of this event. Every attempt is made to invite speakers in different languages.

We feel honoured to have bagpipers to play for us again this year. They have been truly amazing in demostrating their unwavering dedication.

The honourable positions such as 21 gun salutes, honour guards, and other positions are typically reserved for real life police, firefighters, EMS, disasters and other responders. But also for whose avatar that have unrefutable and soild , upstanding reputation.

We read name of fallen officers, firefighters, EMS, military and others.

We have memorial services that repeats every 6 hours:
Sept 11th 8 am
Sept 11th 2 pm
Sept 11th 8 pm
Sept 12th 2 am
Sept 12th 8 am

This run continiously 24 hours and the 9/11 memorial site is available for anyone to visit at anytime. This way, people arould the world will have a chance to pay their respect according to their schedule.

We also have muscians with live stream continously . Tips they received will be given to charity that will assist those who have served at the ground zero.

This event have been widely covered by numerous medias including Real Life CNN coverage.

VOLUNTEERS URGENTLY NEEDED. Perferences will be given to real life police officers, firefighters, EMS and other responders.

NO SECOND LIFE POLICE OFFICER OR FIREFIGHTER WILLL BE ALLOW TO WEAR SL UNIFORM... except RL responders may wear their uniform smiliar to RL uniform. Does not have to be exact likiness but similiar.

If you have any question, feel free to contact as list below.

Drakken Calhoun
Hope McAlpine
Jorie Teichmann
Vickie Maidstone

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