Friday, September 11, 2009

911 WTC Memorial sim

Another memorial:

There are too many New York sims. LOL. I made a mistake thinking I bloged another sim when I thought it was this one.

9/11 greeter: Bloodfang Clawtooth Welcome to the World Trade Center Memorial.
Please turn on your radio, you will hear the names of all the people that died today 8 years ago There is one flag for each person, to match the country they are from.
Today is a simple day of remembrance and reflection. (step a bit away from the TP point if you can so that others have rez room, TY)

This is a FREE American Flag Lapel Pin.

It is attached to the chest and initially will float a "few" inchs away from your avatar.

You can use the included FREE Posing Stand (created by Cailyn Miller) to pull it closer and repostion it to your individual Av's size.

Rez the stand, right click on it and choose "Sit Here".
Once you are standing on the stand, right click on the Lapel Pin and choose EDIT. From there you may use the red,green and blue sliders to adjust it ;)

I made this pin by scanning the American Flag Lapel Pin I wear in RL and tweakinga nd trying to "clean" the resulting texture.

I own several of these pins in RL and have worn one with every outfit I own since the tragic events of 09-11-01. It is something I've missed in SecondLife and after talking with others, decided to produce the one you now own.

I hope you enjoy it and that it will express whatever seniment you have about the country called America ... still the Land of the Free.

Sami Tabla

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