Saturday, September 19, 2009

Login re-directs to Zindra

**So when I logged in, my home sim wasn't available. I was redirected to Zindra, and this worried me, so I contacted live support. Chatlog follows.

- Soki**

What kind of issue are you having?
Inworld Issue

opr_9882401204cde46b2be097b71142eefc48b3b283-65e2-45cb-9b54-c76fc34673c7: Thank you for contacting Second Life Live Chat support! An agent will be with you in a moment.

Minerva: Hi there, Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga. Welcome to Minerva's live help. As I am speaking with a number of residents currenty, I appreciate your patience very much. If this call pertains to an Inworld Abuse Incident, please file an Abuse Report inworld by selectiong Help>Report abuse in your client.

Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga: Hi. I just logged in, and my usual sim was unavailable, so I was redirected ti a sim on Zindra. This wouldn't ordinarily be an issue, but I'm a child avatar. Is there a way to not get redirected there again?

Minerva: I'm afraid not. There's not harm in being in a mature or adult region as a child avatar. It's just that the activities that you choose to conduct yourself in :)

Minerva: *no

Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga: ok. But what if I get sent there and someone ARs me? What's my recourse?

Minerva: The Governance team (G-Team) investigates these matters fully. If there isn'y any evidence of a TOS or community standards violation, you don't have to worry about recourse. :)

Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga: the thing is, there's a proximity thing in the TOS. if I get dumped in the wrong place, I might be close to pose-balls or something.

Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga: Which would be a violation of TOS. And not my fault.

Minerva: No, no, please don't worry abou that. Being close to a poseball doesn't mean your quilty.

Minerva: *guilty even (Forgive me, it's early and Saturday)

Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga: it's happened to kids I know.

Minerva: I can't discuss specifics of other residents. However, it takes more than just being near a poseball for it to be a TOS violation.

Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga: may I quote you on that?

Minerva: lol Sure, if you like. But like I said, it's the activities that you choose to conduct yourself in that make all the difference.

Minerva: *add an s on makes...

Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga: I understand that. I just wish all SL residents did. ok. quoting you for Sept 19, 2009 6:26 am SL time.

Minerva: Okay. Why do you need to quote me? :)

Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga: so I can tell other kids, in case it happens to them.

Minerva: The TOS and community standards should cover the specifics of Ageplay. Ah, okay. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Sokmunky_Rutabaga Rutabaga: nope. thanks for your help.

Minerva: You're welcome.

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