Monday, February 2, 2009

Age Verification

Recently Furvana, a furry dance club, has had problems with under age persons going online in their parents accounts or sign on to SL when they should be on the teen grid.

Age verification means that Linden Labs knows for sure how old you are and that you are of legal age, over 18, to be on the main grid.

The above pic shows a table with three boxes that contained note cards that run you through the age verification process. I will post those note cards below so that you can see that process.


Reminder - Age Verification starts Feb 1
Sat Jan 31 19:21:57 2009

If you have not age Verified, you will not be able to get into Furvana. This will NOT affect Wolfmont SIM or the Moonlit Paw Shopping area.

If you are unsure about your status, check your account on the SecondLife Web site and choose the Age Verification link. The process takes less than 5 mins. The data does NOT go through Linden Labs - it is done by a 3rd party so your info is safe. If you need more info, there is an Info Desk right outside of the club, Click the cubes for notecards.

To protect us AND you!

It comes down to this - We offer Adult Content, including content that can be considered sexual in nature. Laws are still being tested all over the world on what is and what is not adult material and what is and is not legal. We have to adhere to US Laws - specificly the laws of California where Linden Labs is based. Because of this, we can not allow anyone under the age of 18 to view or participate in any activity of a sexual or suggestive nature.

I've heard lots of arguments for and against the verification system. The truth is this - no system is 100% perfect. There will be faults in any system, but this is the best we have right now.

This is to protect YOU and US.

Thank you for your help and understanding!

Badwolf Barbosa
and the Wolfmont and Furvana Management Team


How to do a Manual Age Verification -

Log into your SecondLife account on the Web Site
At the top of the page, select SUPPORT
From the Support Site, look on the left hand OR right hand column and select SUBMIT A TICKET

Select Special Questions - Basic Account or Guest Login
then select Account Issues from the next dropdown
then from the next fropdown select Manual Age Verification

In Summary enter - Age Verification NOT working

Enter your Contact Email address
Enter your Avatar Name
Enter your language choice

For details, CUT AND PASTE the errors the Age Verification site is giving you. and any other details they may need to know to help you.


They will email you info on what needs to be done to complete the verification process.


Your Wolfmont and Furvana Management Team


Go to

Log into your account
From the Account Screen, look on the left side of the menu 3 or 4 options down you will see "Age Verification"

On the Age Verificaiton Screen, choose your language
Fill in your information:

First Name
Last Name
Zip/Postal Code
Date of Birth
and then sellect your Identification type:

You can select:

Social Insurance Number
Passport Number
Personal Identificaion Number
Identity Card Number
Drivers License Number
Last 4 Digits of US Social Security Number (SSN)

Fill in the numbers requestes and check


Click Submit

If they are able to verify your information, you will get a confirmation - if not, you will be given a chance to correct your information and re-submit

This system is not perfect. They may not be able to verify your information. If that is the case, you can do a manual verification. Go to the Advanced Info Block for that note card!


Your Wolfmont and Furvana Management Team

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