Thursday, February 12, 2009

Teen grid merger cont.....

A post on the SLC blog by Tepic has brought up a good point:

"I would be quite worried if I was playing an adult AV, because I would never know if that rather stunning person I just met, with the wonderful eyes and a body to kill for was actually under age in rl. It could get some people in big trouble very quickly."

My reaction to this is that LL had better invest in some good lawyers.


Can you say Myspace?

Myspace is known to be open to all peoples of all ages. Now they are cracking down on pedophiles and harassment lawsuits. So now SL is going to be for all ages. So yes, parents be aware of this fact.
Now how do you protect your child?

Another thing ocoured to me a while back. What is stopping underage RL kids from getting into SL anyway? Think about other ways kids can get IDs other than a drivers lisince.

Yes, I know my spelling is crap. I've got Lindens having sex on my keyboard. :O

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