Monday, May 23, 2011

Rage quit FTW!!!!

I'm rage quitting Second Life. Let me explain....

It all started with Estarn Kenyon my co-club owner. He has Asperger syndrome, which seems to be a social problem of his. Meaning he can't interact with others well.
That should be no excuse. He had a rezz day party not long ago in sl at his club.
A fried of mine went and bought (or made, I forget which) a item for Estarn.

Instead of accepting the gift and going on with life he got pissed off at her and eventually told her to "kill herself". Now my friend has been having a lot of medical problems since January. I worry about her a lot and hope that this post finds her in better spirits.

It makes me mad that he says stupid shit to her and is still in SL. I doubt he has this condition that some people say he does. I think he's a rich, spoiled brat.

At one time he asked me for Lindens (money) to help pay for such things as the club stream and parcel rent for the club. Then he and his brother asked for money to pay for their avatars and such which at first I was ok with. I was buying avatars and such as well. After a while it just got annoying.

Recently his rl brother, which also runs around sl, came to my linden home to try to talk to me. I'm not having any of it, no more.

If he has what he claims to have, then I would think he'd get some help with it instead of sitting on his ass running around sl. In fact, he has a lot of different interests according to his profile. Instead he's into sl.

I don't wish anything bad for the guy, I just hope he gets some rl help.
In the meantime, I'll be out of sl and into the old grid called rl grid (real life grid). I'll be taking care of my rl mother who has dementia a form of alzheimer's disease. I will continue to post here for whatever interests me.

Maybe one day I'll come back...

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