Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'll miss you guys too.

Zayn Till@BloodfangC Come back soon Bloodfang!

Tepic Harlequin@BloodfangC i will miss you Bloodfang, take care, and remember, your friends think of you.

Myrtil Igaly Squirrel Myrtil@BloodfangC Sad to see you quit SL :( I hope it is just a break to take care of yourself and your loved ones, and that you'll be back soon!

Kris Spade@BloodfangC Don't let others get you down. Remove yourself from people who take advantage. Take the time you need. Hope to see you again.

www.twitter.com look up BloodfangC

ilio Naglo: :( i just got notice... i go read your blog... i sorry in any world you may be, love you.

yti (yti.islay): Blood, sweetie - what's going on? What happened? I don't want you to leave SL. Please tell me what's going on. Love you!. *hugs* xxx

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