Sunday, May 8, 2011

F--k Your TOS????

Because we are tired of people squeezing their brains to find a semi-legal way to tell us they are going to f**k with our privacy rights. Because no, they can't spread our IMs or our info without our written consent. Because they forgot they ACCEPTED TOS when they installed the SL viewer. If you don't want to respect TOS, do us a favor and download RL.

You can LOG chat. You can NOT share it without ACTUAL PERMISSION.

Here's a Disclaimer: By reading my profile, you agree to NOT copy & share my chat. If you have a disclaimer saying you can copy and share my chat, your disclaimer is in conflict with mine, thus making it null and void.
(IE: you're an idiot, please just mute me now, JERKFACE!)

To all those that has that in their profile , I just shared this with the world.

You can mute me now.

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