Thursday, December 3, 2009

Updated TAO of SPAM

***NCI Spam Central***



***Definition of the internet meme/term "Spam":

Spam is the abuse of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast mediums, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately.

While the most widely recognized form of spam is e-mail spam, the term is applied to similar abuses in other media: instant messaging spam, Usenet newsgroup spam, Web search engine spam, spam in blogs, wiki spam, Online classified ads spam, mobile phone messaging spam, Internet forum spam, junk fax transmissions, and file sharing network spam.

What is not included in the definiation of "Spam" is the word "advertisement". That said, while it's falsely assumed that being open to spamming means being open to ads; the truth is, that's a very small portion of the heart and soul of spam.

***Main group charter:


Is your idle chit-chat getting complaints over there in the main group? Bring it over here and have a ball. Got complaints about how chatty THIS group is? Click the bottom "X" on the upper right of the chat window.
Please keep conversations as PG as possible, official NCI announcements in NCI main chat, advertisements in your own group, and drama in personal IMs.

***Extended group charter:


Basically. NCI Spam Central's intent is to allow the NCI main group to be maintained as a serious (HA!) question, answer, and assistance group. The name came from the core complaint that New Citizens Inc. main chat was "Too spammy". So, those "Spammy" conversations are encouraged to sliiiiiide on over to this group in order to free up NCI main chat to serve its purpose effeciently.

While a few unawares confuse the simple term "Spam" as strictly for advertisements, the truth is that the above definition is much more accurate and doesn't actually mention advertisements at all.

As for a rule on moderation of advertisements. The admins of this group stronly maintain that this is not here for that purpose. But, the member response should not be that of frustration, attack, or negativity. This is a group to release and be free from those thoughts, so when an advertisement is given the suggested response is a tolerant reminder that it's not allowed... Followed by an immediate ejection from the group. =^-^=

If a moderator/officer doesn't promptly respond, feel free to IM one of the bold names visible in the active users list. (This can be seen by clicking the blue (<<) symbol on the upper right of the chat window.


NCI Spam Central is a PG chat group. Please conduct yourself in a PG and respectful manner. Swearing, descriptsion of lewd acts, violence, and attacking each other are not allowed.

But, remember, we're all adults here (right?) so expect to be open to some innuendo and such in chat. Legal, medical, and scientific terms are alloed. Nobody will poke you in the nose for saying "Vagina", "Penis", or "Nipples". In fact, use of the word "Nipples" is encouraged and may be subject to prizes*.

Just.. Steer clear of the big 7... Okay?


Yes.. Nearly every bloody member of the group has permission to send notices. This is manually set so new joins can't just ad-spam and jet on us. Any group officer/owner should be able to add the role for a new member upon request. When in doubt... IM Imnotgoing Sideways.

A Group Gift is an object, clothing item, gesture, avatar accessory... STUFF that you made and would like to share. Remember that word though... "Share" Please be sure the item you're sharing is something you either made or have full permission to distribute.

Don't over-use the ability. Having notices pop up all bloody day is no fun. So, when you're sending your gift, be sure it's of a bit of laugh value at least. Don't just send out anything. Spam, but, don't overspam.

And, a reiteration of the key policy... NO ADVERTISEMENTS! Notices with names of stores, landmarks, and event notecards are not allowed. The advertisement doesn't have to be for a for-profit venture to be considered an advertiesment.


There will be times when NCI staff and officers will want to host a fringe event. This is an event typically not on the regular calendar and not directly related to NCI's class and regular event roster.

These events are meant to be a fun distraction and a way to further socialize with other NCI members you haven't met yet. Events may be impromptu dance parties in NCI sandboxes, member home/store hunts, NCI contests in the testing stages, and thigns like that.

NCI staff and officers are allowed to utilize the Spam Central group and its group notices for these events.

Official NCI events should continue to be announced in the main group.


Beyond that: Enjoy the group you'll love to hate and embrace your inner spammer. (^_^)y

*No purchase necessary. Details inside. Prizes are not guaranteed. Nor, do they even exist. But, it was a fun thing to say anyway. =^-^=

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