Friday, December 11, 2009

Something said about child AVATARS

You should PLEASE consider this stuff:

1). Contrary to what most people outside second life think, there is more to SL than just SEX. Second Life (SL) child avatars ARE 18 YEARS OF AGE AND OLDER IN REAL LIFE - this is ROLEPLAYING childhood and it's sooo much fun! You get to be silly all the time! You can get adopted & hang out with other kids & go to school & whatever else you can dream up!

If you're new to being a kid (or teen!) here's what's up - YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING SEXUALLY-RELATED WHATSOEVER. If you want to be a kid AND an adult then make 2 avatar accounts. Just do it.

If a child avatar is seen around things like sexual furniture, photos, naked people, etc. - ANYTHING you can think of that's of a sexual nature - Linden Labs can and will delete your account and could even ban your COMPUTER from logging into Second Life.

There will be no questions asked - you get caught like that and you're gone - as the Terms of Service for Second Life states:

(TOS - 2.6 Linden Lab may suspend or terminate your account at any time, without refund or obligation to you.)

Don't be nude in public EVER - if you wanna change clothes, find a private place - if you go to Search and type in "changing rooms" there are places to go to! A lot of stores have changing rooms too!

DO NOT join any groups that have sexually-related content. This will cause some places to ban you right away, not to mention a good majority of Second Life people will not respect you & may be mean to you. You don't need groups like that anyways - you're playing a CHILD!

It was discovered that places had been created by ADULT avatar's who were interested in luring child avatars to engage in sexual activities. The child avatars who fell for this ended up having their pictures posted all over the net and in the end they deleted their accounts and left SL leaving behind a media circus. Some people are still mad at child avatars because they wrongfully assume we're all out to be pervs when WE'RE NOT!

Linden Labs polices prohibits these sorts of places & if someone asks you to do anything sexual you should abuse report (AR) them. To file an abuse report, hit the "Help" tab at the top of your scren and then hit "Report Abuse" - it's a very simple lil form that'll pop up. Then just get away from that perv!

SL residents have been told to abuse report Underage Users. There is a Second Life for people 18 and older (where you are) and a "teen grid" for people who are under 18 in real life. Sometimes REAL LIFE underagers get into the 18-and-older area of Second Life.
Because of this, some people are ignorant and will think you are underage just because you are roleplaying a child. Linden Lab would like ALL child avatars to state their REAL WORLD AGE in your profile to try and prevent mistaken reports.

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