Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh bawls, the Lindens are at it again.

I just recived word that the Lindens will charge content creators (our) money or a fee for listing on Xstreet. I took all my stuff down from it.

The Blog link:

The Forum response so you can put your say in:

Basicly it's like this:

LL are going to introduce some charges:

* 99L per month for freebie listings
* They are charging a MINIMUM 3 lindens surcharge on all items sold for 1 linden or more
* 10L per item per month for anything over $1L

For example: if you have 10 items on there, you will now have to pay $1200L per year to have them on SLX or if you have 100 items, thats $12,000L per year

And freebies don't get listed in search or anything

All I have to say is Content creators and website builders, come to gether and create your own sites to sell stuff. I'm sure there will be other like minded people out there that will work on sites to sell their stuff.

Also, go find a Linden and ask them what's going on?

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