Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Mentors gruop is closing?

Seems like it. I feel like they are taking a part of our fun away.

[12:29] Loretta Lurra: Open note to any Lindens that monitor this communication channel: I have been in SL for over three years and a Mentor for a fairly long period of time. I own 40 sims and pay Linden over $6,000 per month for them. During my time in Sl i have witnessed a successive chain of horrible decisions by the SL executive team. Some of which are not simply bad business decisions - but totally inexplicable from logical analysis; however, with your decision to end the Mentor program you have simply outdone yourselves. You take 3500 or so people who are committed to helping others - and throw that talent, expertise, and experience out the window. What in the world is wrong with you people? Are you simply idiots as some say? You claim that the Mentor program is simply too large to administer: well, get a clue. Reduce the number of Mentors to a managable level. Take the best of the best ( Admittedly I am not one of those) and get an actual adult

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