Friday, June 12, 2009

SecondLife 6th Birthday Event - NCI Exhibit Contest

SecondLife 6th Birthday Event - NCI Exhibit Contest

SecondLife's 6th birthday is fast approaching and a huge event is in the works for all of SL.
The NCI Events team staff is busy at work planning and building the NCI Exhibit and we can't wait for you all to visit.

This years exhibit is being prepared in support of both NCI and Caledon and we are working within the design definition posted on the sl6b wiki page. (That definition is at the bottom of this notecard.) Our exhibit will be named
"Forward --- To the 19th Century"

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to build "something" to be added to our exhibit, that reflects not only the full event theme but the NCI/Caledon exhibit name as well. What you build is entirely up to you. The winning entry will be on display at our exhibit throughout the full two weeks. A prize of $L 1000 Lindens will be awarded to the winner.

Here are the simple rules for entering this contest:

1. All entries -must- relate to the event theme and submissions should include a notecard explaining how it relates to or fits within the theme.

2. Contest is open to all ages, to all members of NCI Groups , all members of Oxbridge University Groups, and all Caledon Residents.

3. Prim count for entry may -NOT- exceed 20 prims. So while not required, use of sculpties is not only suggested but strongly encouraged.

4. Entry item - MUST - fit within a 6 x 6 meter square area. Must be no taller than 6 meters.

5. No sounds may be used. If Glow is used, it should be minimal, as should any particle effects. particle effects used -must- not exceed onbject space of 6x6x6>

6. All entries must be submitted to Wellington Beam - NO - later than June 19, 209 at midnight SL time.

7. Entry -MUST- adhere to pg guidelines for SL.

8. The winner will be determined by the following team members:

Carl Metropolitan
Gramma Fiddlesticks
Wellington Beam
Desmond Shang
Fogwoman Gray
Kaine Lowenstark
Muttenchops Chaplin

Winning entry will be announced on Sunday June 21, 2009

About The Theme (taken directly from the sl6b wikipage)

We are LIVE from Dallier's Hope, 800 Light Years away we are spiraling through outer space on a Meteor disovered by Space Explorer Ghorman Dallier in 2499 while searching for new worlds to inhabit! Although we're too far away from the sun to see it and any flora has to be kept in an AEC (Artificial Environment Chamber.) we still know how to throw a party!

The future is open to all sorts of interpretation, and to encompass the future, we looked to the past. In the beginning of Second Life, pioneering residents looked over this vast, empty landscape that was full of potential and promise. Everything was new to everyone, the concept of virtual worlds, the way we would adapt to custom content, how we would use the tools provided to us and incorporate our own vision was all still yet to be discovered. It all began with an great open space, and the inspiration provided by the seemingly simple idea "Your World, Your Imagination."

Six years later that world is merely a memory as time has moved at warp speed with the advancements of technology and adaptability of the platform. A few hundred users quickly became over a million. It has become a staple in education and commerce on a global scale. Never could have those early residents of that vast open world predict how Second Life would evolve.

With that in mind, we took our Exhibitors far away from the green grasses and sandy beaches of their Second Life Grid and sent them into the stratosphere as the first colony of Dallier's Hope. A vast, open landscape waiting to be developed by the first new residents of the future of Virtual Worlds. What becomes of this great "Rock" remains entirely up to them, how they adapt and harness the power of their imagination to make something from next to nothing as they share their personal visions of what they believe the future holds.

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