Friday, June 12, 2009

Thunder Bay and club Tacktical

I visted a new kids sim that is a post apocalyptic sim

This is the link to the club Tacktical.

I will have pics up soon.

It curntly has places to sit and chill as well as explore and shop. Lots of places to set a shop up.

2053: Present Day
Thunderbay is a city that survived the disaster. Little is known about what led to the disaster or what life was like before it. Electromagnetic pulse destroyed all electronics and digital records, and most everything (and everyone) else was obliterated during the wars. But here is what is known.

2009-2018: The Disaster
The worldwide political and economic crises of the early 21st century led to a deterioration of global society. Governments lost credibility and their ability to control their populations. Chaos was the norm. Terrorism became trendy everywhere.

A cult-like terrorist group was formed by a brilliant biologist in a small island off the coast of Greenland, calling itself ALADAM. They believed that humans were a mistake, and that the planet Earth rightly belonged to the plants and animals that inhabited it. Their goal was to create a global disaster that would rid the world of humans but leave the plants and animals unharmed. The remaining governments of Earth ignored them as a threat, due to their insane views, poor setup, and lack of funds. Little did anyone know that ALADAM had discovered a strange and deadly chemical engineered from a new rare disease, Magenide.

ALADAM fired a missile dubbed Nekmaslim, meaning “Swift Revenge through Peace” in a forgotten tongue. The missile would not only create deadly nuclear explosions, but its radiation was designed to spread Magenide all across the globe. As planned, the chemical had devastating results on humanity while sparing other animal life. However, unexpectedly, the Magenide strangled vegetation and poisoned the soil, and mutated the wildlife and all that miraculously survived the initial explosion. But the worst of Magenide was its ability to spread, adapt and evolve.

Most of the world's land mass was obliterated. The death toll was utterly catastrophic. So was the everlasting effect of the Nekmaslim.

The world lost the majority of its population. It was estimated that in the time of the final confrontation only a few million people populated all of earth. The world's governments rapidly crumbled, and the planet fell into an age of anarchy and disease.

2019-2028: The Utopian Era
On a small island broken off from the continent resided a city, called by most Thunderbay. Thunderbay had up until this point stayed immune to Magenide, and for what reason, remained a mystery. Survivors of the Disaster and their descendants began accumulating in the city and soon, after several years, Thunderbay was actually a quite wonderful place to live. The Survivors established a visionary and idealistic government. A new economy was established, and the reconstruction began.

Thriving as a new hope to mankind, Thunderbay became the icon of survival, and life. Great advances were made in technology and most people within the city led very comfortable lives. But the rest of the world was forgotten. Magenide still resided and through its adaptive traits began slowly advancing on the city.

2029-2052: The Fall of Thunderbay
The first anyone took notice was when the farms on the outskirts of the city began to produce deadly food, and soon no food at all. The elders of Thunderbay realized their mistake in not funding research to stop Magenide. But at this time there efforts to do so proved too little too late. So instead, was constructed an under ground Cavern, filled with stalls of their most advanced Cryogenics. The children of the city were to be put into a frozen hibernation for 290 years, the number of years +20 that the top scientist believed it would take for the Soil to heal itself. Along with the children, the scientist and several select “Caretakers” were to be frozen as well. Dried food was filled in crates within the chamber and as they were all sealed away, the elders left history books in the middle of the room labeled, “do not repeat.” These books were unfortunately never found.

It came to ultimately pass that Earth was plagued in full by Magenide, never to truly recover. The Cryogenics project did not totally go as planned. In 2053, a first wave of child survivors awakened ahead of schedule, their biology altered by the freezing process.

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