Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Jira to Vote for.

Lindens up to something and some of our groups are getting capped out.

Please vote for this at the Jira.

How to Vote for a JIRA SVC-1509
by Gramma Fiddlesticks & Carl Metropolitan

Right now, Second Life is having a HUGE problem with group chat and it affects the largest groups (like NCI) the worst. We need your help to encourage LL to fix this problem. Please vote on the JIRA (problem report) by going to this URL:


That page has a description of the bug that is causing such problems on the NCI group chat, along with comments from other Second Life users.

To add your voice to those who want it fixed, you need to log in to the JIRA and vote for it. To log in, go to the "Operations" section of the column on the left hand side of the page. Click on the words "logged in" in the sentence, "If you were logged in you would be able to see more operations". (See the picture below if you have trouble finding that link.)

It will take you to a page where you log in using your SL username and password. This is safe, that is a secure loging page and the JIRA is a Linden Lab site.

Once you are logged in to the JIRA, you will see a number of options under the "Operations" header (on the left hand side of the page). Look for the little blue link that says "vote for it". (See the picture below if you have trouble finding that link.)

Now click that link. You will notice that the page updates and the "Vote for it" option is now gone.

You did it--and thank you!

Note: JIRA is the system Linden Lab uses to allow residents to file bug reports and new features requests.
A description of how it works is at:
Or you can watch the video at:

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