Sunday, September 28, 2008

SL's Burning Life

These are some pics of friend's places in the Burning Life sims.

NCI staff/teacher and mentor Imnotgoing Sideways has a build here: Toy Box
The build is a giant toy box with scaffolding around it leading to the top.
She also set out table and chairs, a truck and some craters.

Ah, the SLC has setup a small display around Loki Eliot's barn and dragon build.
Remember the haystack I crashed into at his island? Well, this was the result of it.
A dragon in the barn and a child's imagination. Here you will find the dragon as well as a movie, SLC display, a dragon hunt and many more fine child avie events.
Adults and child alike can come around to explore, dance and have fun.

This is Marianne McCann's display. It's a nice playground hangout for those that needs shade from the sun and a fun break from exploring.

I didn't find anyone except Koffeekid Smalls of the Milk -N- Kookies Show. He didn't stay long to sign my autograph.

This is Lorimae Undercroft's display. It looks great with all the artwork and photograph's she's done and taken over the past few months.

She wasn't home so I climbed out of the cupcake and moved on.

Hopefully I'll have the links listed and more stuff to see.
I'd better hurry, Burning Life is only for two weeks and after that this will all be gone.

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