Thursday, September 11, 2008

Road trip day 2

The next day on my roadtrip I went across the street from where I spent the night and resumed my trip starting with breakfast in the park.

This is where I saw a cool memorial for the First Mole on the Moon.

There was a display of our solor sysatem with two new planets that I never knew was out there. Yes, I had to tak a pic of the planet that everyone likes to make fun of.

I will take a moment to let you all to post your silly jokes for this planet.

I passed by a interesting place. The Channel Island Mental Hospital

Linden Dept of Mental Welfare
Gov Linden Gov - Cyn Linden Director

Someone left a the gate open. I hope I'm alone out here.
Hmmmm.... I can see a Halloween post coming.

Ah finally. I'm here at the first welcome center on the route from Bay City.
North Chanel Welcome Center

What welcome center would be incomplete without someone yelling "onigokko!!"

Oh, and someone thought to bring maracas.
That could only mean mambo time.

After a long ride I made it to Ahen Celcome Center

Now how am I going to get home?

I found a sandbox nearby with some vehicles but they turned me down as far as rides go. Now why a KFC bucket of chicken with the song playing from it would be in a sandbox I'll never know. he he he. I also found a cheeseburger car. Not my style.

I would need a license to drive or fly home so I hitchhiked on another airship home.

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