Tuesday, September 30, 2008



There is proof that girls started giving out cooties to boys.

[19:54] You: I have to vote for Santa first. Cause I'm a good boy.

[19:54] Toy LaFollette: me too well not a boy but a girl, its the cootie thing ya

[19:55] You: Gross...cootie!

[19:55] Valla Griffin: Boy's have cooties, not girls.
[19:55] Toy LaFollette: !!!!!!!!!! BOYS HABB COOOOOTIES !!!!!!!!!!
[19:55] Silverr Andel: girls have cooties, definitely.
[19:55] Santa Kwassmann: Santa is not concerned with cooties. Self-identification
works fine, though. : )

[19:55] You: We do not

[19:55] Valla Griffin: boys have cooties.
[19:55] Santa Kwassmann: the eternal debate...
[19:55] Toy LaFollette: an an an boy neko's have coofleas

[19:56] Silverr Andel: if boys have cooties, they caught 'em from girls!
[19:56] You: I took my cootie shots

[19:56] Valla Griffin: and so does boy furries.
[19:56] Addora grabs Constantine by the ears and dunks him into a fleabath!
[19:56] You: fleas I might have

[19:56] Toy LaFollette: nu uh, its in der jens
[19:56] Silverr Andel: lol
[19:56] Toy LaFollette: jeans
[19:56] William Gide: omg

[19:56] Valla Griffin: they should wash their jeans more often, then, huh toy?
[19:56] Miter Lorefield: cooties in our jens? was that a confession that girls have

[19:56] Toy LaFollette: ya
[19:57] Addora grabs Constantine by the ears and dunks him into a fleabath!
[19:57] Toy LaFollette: or flush dem

[19:57] Valla Griffin: girls don't have cooties! we are sweet and innocent and
clean. no cooties here.

[19:57] Miter Lorefield: [19:56] You: cooties in our jens? was that a confession
that girls have cooties?

[19:56] Toy LaFollette: ya <-- ok conversation over :P

[19:57] You: cooties came from girls just to bother boys with
[19:57] Mattholimeau Snoodle: so i am to believe at all girls are clean? hmmmm.....

[19:57] Silverr Andel: aha! Toy admitted girls have cooties.
[19:57] Valla Griffin sticks her tongue out at Blood.
[19:58] Toy LaFollette: an it weks don it??
[19:58] Toy LaFollette: werks
[19:58] You: lmao
[19:58] William Gide: I can't believe I'm witnessing this conversation.
[19:58] Addora Flute: lolol
[19:58] Valla Griffin: that's cuz you're a boy and you have cooties.
[19:58] Willis Bailey: i wish i wasnt
[19:58] Silverr Andel: I can believe it.
[19:58] Toy LaFollette: nooooo we dont.... we are made of sugar an spice, not

[19:58] Annie Obscure: now understands why there are child avatars but no parent

[19:58] William Gide: Evidently.
[19:58] You: I'm gonna put it on my blogg too
[19:58] Addora Flute: she can talk from experience her parents are neko
[19:58] Valla Griffin: there's lots of parents.
[19:58] William Gide: Annie, indeed.
[19:58] Toy LaFollette: my parents are right here :)

[19:58] Silverr Andel: Do you have cooties, William?
[19:59] William Gide: Where do gay guys fall into the cootie continuum?
[19:59] Toy LaFollette: addora is my momma and Constantine is ma daddy :)
[19:59] Valla Griffin: theya re still boys so they still have cooties.
[19:59] Addora Flute: nods
[19:59] William Gide: Cooties it is, then.
[19:59] Silverr Andel: they're still boys so they DON't have cooties.

[19:59] Peggy Sweetwater: they got clean cooties
[19:59] William Gide: Fabulous cooties, perhaps.
[19:59] Addora Flute: lolol
[20:00] Miter Lorefield is a lesbian trapped in a mans body. No cooties...
[20:00] Silverr Andel: lolol
[20:00] Addora Flute: ~* Umm No *~
[20:00] Addora Flute: gay cooties
[20:00] Santa Kwassmann: Cooties are in the eye of the beholder - which is exactly
as uncomfortable as it sounds....

[20:00] Valla Griffin: boy body = cooties. them's the rules
[20:00] Toy LaFollette: when boys grow up they loose the cooties wit der bwains
[20:00] Mattholimeau Snoodle: eye?
[20:00] Silverr Andel: girls are full of cooties.
[20:00] Annie Obscure: yep, had to be de-cootied

[20:00] Valla Griffin: girls are full of love and cuddles, not cooties!
[20:00] William Gide: I need a nap.
[20:00] Valla Griffin: hehe
[20:00] Solo Mornington will be glad when mutten announces.
[20:00] Toy LaFollette: GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!!!!
[20:00] You: no, girls are full of something else
[20:00] Athena Carillon: Yes Solo
[20:01] Silverr Andel: I DIDN'T DO IT
[20:01] William Gide: Has Mutton's report been lost in the cootie conversation?
[20:01] Addora Flute: lolol
[20:01] Valla Griffin: nope. he's too busy de-cootie-fying himself.
[20:01] William Gide: (How many ways can I alliterate on that?)
[20:01] Toy LaFollette: Kill the vampires!

[20:01] Valla Griffin: eek!

[20:01] Toy LaFollette: hehehe

[20:02] Valla Griffin: toy, do you need a vampire slayer outfit? i can hook you

[20:02] Toy LaFollette: naaa Im a goony an we don need dat

[20:02] Valla Griffin: kk

[20:02] Toy LaFollette: GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!!!!
[20:02] You: I gots an Angel avatar in my inventory
[20:03] Valla Griffin wishes she was a Goonie.
[20:03] You: with wood spikes that shoot

[20:03] Silverr Andel: you can't be an angel with cooties.
[20:03] Kit Nootan: lol...
[20:03] Miter Lorefield: lol
[20:03] Valla Griffin is aghast!
[20:03] Valla Griffin: toy does NOT have cooties!

[20:03] William Gide: The Great Cootie Conundrum of Kuula!

[20:03] Miter Lorefield: [19:56] Miter Lorefield: cooties in our jens? was that a confession that girls have cooties? [19:56] Toy LaFollette: ya

[20:03] Miter Lorefield: we all saw it

[20:03] Toy LaFollette: they dont let many girls in Goonies but I got in an when
there's a bunch of us we start doin the Goonies never say die :)
[20:03] Silverr Andel: (even if you're a girl with cooties)

So there you have it folks, the cooties was started by girls.

Now back to your cartoons.

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