Saturday, August 9, 2008

Some pics

From pig tails to cat tails to... er plug tails we all have questions at the Q and A. Miss Beverly and Miss Nardok host a really nice Q n A event. They know so much and if they don't will help you anyways. There's a Q and A event Thursdays at 2PM in Kuula.

Go to the NCI welcome center and walk across the street to the big sandbox and you will see a stage. That's also where we have the Show and Tell event and a Builders Blitz (more about that later).

There is a Show and Tell for Oldbies (myself included) that we can show off what we made. Afterwards we win some monies. I likes monies. XD Many, many monies.
Monies make me happy.

Check the NCI blog for times of the events and classes. They always have something going on and are always helpful. Even the people that hang out there.

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