Thursday, August 21, 2008

A few things....

I havn't kept you up on all the goings on. I've fixed a few glitches at my store in the Undercity sim. Opened a small kart with a few shirts at the Neko Theme Park sim.
And have listed a few more items on my SLexchange site.

Buy something from me cuase I has rent to pay. LOL


And I'm designing a outfit for RPGing in Undercity. As soon as their website is up and running I'll post it.

In the meantime, I've been partying at Club Fluffy's and the Vortex. I ran into a fellow blogger with a really neat hat. Adz Childs from his Artificial Boy blog.

Although I did catch a class my friend Lorimae Undercroft offered at TUI (Technical Users Interface). She is one skilled cat. She even designed their logo. She put it up in a contest for best logo and she won. YaY Tinies!!!

Here's me as I try to hit the teacher with a paper airplane. She nomnomed it. :(

Lorimae is such a dedicated teacher kitty. After she ate my paper airplane she taught class.

You can find out more about her from this link:

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