Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's the Great Pumkin Bloodfang Clawtooth.

This Saturday I went on the look for a pumpkin for the front of my home. School is in session and fall is coming so I wanted a pumpkin for the front porch.

Instead I came across a cool sim full of plants of all kinds. It was a bit empty so I sort of had the run of the place. It's at least 7 different sims so take your time. XD

All the plants, homes, effects and other cool things are for sale.

I went looking for someone to help me find a pumpkin and knocked on the little tree house. I found many homes for sale. This place has lots of stuff besides the plants that's for sale. At reasonable prices. By the way, there is help in these sims.

Not finding help there I did find and made friends with a grasshoper.
That is til I asked if he was a cricket or grasshoper.

"What? So I chased a squirrel up a tree. So what?"

All this walking and climbing and such made me hungry so I looked for lunch.
I found some shrooms.

I didn't want shrooms so I continued onward til I found a swan.

I made my way into a winter wonderland. Cool ice snake or dragon.

I made friends with some playful penguins. But befor too long I had to leave.

I'm glad this place had a beach to warm up.

They even has a bonfire to warm up at.

I made my way across a bridge.

Getting past an unfriendly crocadile.

Going up a high ladder.

And through a very cool archway. I though of buying it but I would'nt know where to place it. I"m a sucker for Gothic or old and worn stuffs.

I came to the end.... or did I?

I finally came upon the fields of corn and PUMPKINS!!!!
Pumpkins FTW!!!!
However, I did not find a "Great Pumpkin" Linus. hehe
I ended up making a pumpkin that I'll show you soon.

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