Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WTF? Wednesday

This is the WTF Where they thinking? WTF Are they doing? WTF Who do they think they are? kinds of stuff. Stuff I find around sl that I think is just out of place.
Today is a WTF? kind of day. I have a Linden home and my neighbors are pretty smart, discrete and very quiet. I have no complaints on them. I do have a problem when no one cares about their homes. Linden homes are no mod. You can't have a club in them and you can't sell stuff from them, although I have seen both in a lot of homes. With Linden homes, you can not have skyboxes above or below the house. I have seen a number of homes with skyboxes above. You can see on the worldmap several places I marked off including the one circled in red. The pic below is a picture of that skybox. This box covers at least five other homes down below. If I was a neighbor whose home was under that thing, I'd be unhappy that they rezzed a skybox when I can't and the fact that it could lag the sim. I'd be AR'ing that thing each time they rezzed it. Thankfully, it's not over my home nor is it in my sim. I'm just happy my neighbors are sane and smart people.

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