Friday, August 27, 2010


The Lindens are making a little update to the veiwer soon. We will be getting Display names over our avies. I think it'll be great but with all new things comes some bad too. Will griefters use this to bother us? I'm sure yes is the answer to that. But you can always check thier profiles to make sure who is who.

The following quote is taken from the Second Life (TM) Wiki found here:

" Why is Linden Lab introducing the Display Name feature now?

Growing the SL Resident-base is a business objective that we're deeply committed to and we hope that you'll also benefit from that growth. We're also exploring ways to attract new Residents by making their registration and first-hour experiences in Second Life more compelling. We have long known that selecting a Second Life name is one of the biggest hurdles in the new Resident registration process; it is a common reason why potential new Residents abandon registration and it has consistently received very low ratings in new Resident surveys. The freedom to choose an avatar name in Second Life is something that many Residents have been wanting for a long time and it took some time to develop a feature that gave you as much flexibility as possible. This feature is an important step on our social media strategy that will ultimately allow you to connect your inworld identity to other social networks, on an opt-in basis. Again, Display Names and eventually, the connection to social networks, is all about choice. "

I'm kinda looking forward to this and have been thinking of names and identities.
If I ever dj, then I can use it then. I'll use it for role playing times too.
If you have any problems with this, then here's the Jira:

Another change that the Lindens are doing will be to merge the teen grid to the main grid. Only the ages of 16 and 17 will be apart of the merge. The rest of the underage teens will have to be cut from SL all together. Only the PG areas will be open for the underage. No other grid that I know of had a underage grid.
There may be ways of getting to the adult and mature areas that are out there.

What ever changes the Lindens are doing will pave the way for other grids to follow.

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