Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My blog turns 3 yrs old

Not my birthday, my blog's birthday.

Three years ago I started to blog my fun times in second life (TM) and have had so much fun doing it. Through good times and bad I've made note of all things great and small. Looking back, I can see now some posts I wish I hadn't posted and some I wish I made better. There's always room for improvement and growth.

With that said, I have made my blog a better look and will continue to do so as time goes on. I have now moved onto three other grids and will blog about those soon as well. With my blog I will try to show the many other grids that exists in the Meta verse. I’m like a virtual reporter letting everyone know of this different means of social networking.

Not to worry though as I will still be in SL most of the time. In fact I’ll be posting a few things in the coming days and weeks on my own in world fun.

There’s always more fun to be had.

Happy birthday to you blog and happy party to all my readers. My we have many more years to have fun.

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