Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the SLC, Second Love and Avatars United

The SLC moved thier tree to just in front of the Vortex.
Gemini says there will be more stuff the SLC (Second Life Children) will be doing in the future. The new place, which is a old place according to the SLC elders, also has the famous tree house. The place offers a stage for future events. a renovated tree house for story time, arcade games, the adult to kid avie transmogrifier box and the info on kid avies as always.

Speaking of avies, I'm into a website called Avatars United (AU). It's a myspace for avatars of online games. Games like Wolrd of Warcraft, Eve, SL, etc.

There's a thing to it though. Linden Labs, owners of SL, have bought AU.
Reasons have yet to be said, to me anyway. Now people can hook up for anything here.
And it also has a neat little hud in world that acts like a Twitter hud.
It was created by a resident and it lets you post stuff to your profile like where your at and what your doing at the moment. It's called Blip and I just blipped that I was blogging and left my blogg addy.

And that brings me to my next topic: Second Love. Second Love was created by a
resident also, a fellow kid/teen avie in fact. It's a 2 part hud that you pick up here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Whippersnapper/160/155/22 for free. It's still getting the bugs worked out right now. It offers four options: Friendship, Romance, Sex and Adoption. All of which should not be confused with the others.

That's about it for now.

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