Thursday, February 18, 2010

A home for a nome

Premuim members of sl can pick a home for free.

Yes, the stories of free land comes to my mind. I'm not old enough to have seen them first hand, but I remember the stories of how sl members got the land for free.
At that time it was new territory sl was. Now you can get a free home if you've signed up for the premuim membership.

I think there are strings attached.

In the meantime, I'm gonna look for a nice castle to live in. Some of the themes available are Japan style homes, loft style homes, A frame homes, quads, and fantasy type homes. I just wish I could build my cookie jar there and put a skybox in the sky.
The homes are too close for that though. I may end up with a hobbit's themed home.

All homes are not furnished and you can't pick a home next to your friend's home.

They are in mature sims as well, so be aware there will be kid avies mixed in as well.

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