Sunday, August 21, 2011

Furry avies in Second Life


There are many different kinds of animal furies. Felines, woodland animals, horses, domestic animals, bunnies (my favorites). Fantasy animals such as unicorns, dragons, griffins, phoenixes. Dinosaurs and birds. Even Pokemon, Digimon, Sonic and Mario Bros avies. There are even God furs (Anubis).
There's even some made up but fantastic fur avies such as the Crux and Surgal.

Lots of furies in second life, but not as many as there should be. There's a small handful of fish and sea creatures. It'd be great to see crabs, lobsters, sea horses, shrimps and the list goes on. Maybe fish like koi fish and goldfish. There could even be squids and octopus. Many new ideas for items to be made for such avies. A portable tank of water so that the fish could live and breathe on land as well as new RP ideas. The octopus and squid crosses a genre or two sexually like water sports and tentacles.
There's a few venders in sl that sells sharks, a whale, a eel and a very few others.

How about insects? Insects have to mate too. The female praying mantis mates with the male and then eats him to fill his dead body up with her eggs. That's disturbing on so many levels grant it, but it covers vorarephilia (a sexual fetish and paraphilia where arousal occurs from the idea of being eaten).
There are a few other insects that are like this. And you have to admit that the look of a mantis is really cool. Spiders and scorpions are cool looking too. So far only two venders sell one insect each.

Some more bird avies would be nice. A pink flamingo, Thunderbird, dodo bird to name a few.
Maybe even some ducks and chickens. Since there's some dinosaurs, how bout a pterodactyl?

Farm animals would be good avies for kid furs. Little ducklings running around in a daycare?
Yellow chicks at Easter or any other time? Hell, how bout a little egg with chick legs and a dark window to look out of. Little piggies going to school? Of course there could also be the adults.
A adult pig could be a wild pig or boar or warthog looking to rape their next prey.

Why not some extinct animals such as a wooly mammoth. Someone was sell a sabretooth lion at one point, but alas, I can not find it anymore. Dodos, Tasmanian wolf, the quagga, Caspian tiger, stellers sea cow are all interesting animals that shouldn't be over looked.

Another bunch of animals that shouldn't be over looked are cryptozoological creatures. I'd buy a Bigfoot avie or mothman or a chupacabra avie. These animals could be fantasy type or monsters. Another fantasy creature could be the werecat.
There's plenty of werewolves and lycans out there. The chupacabra could be a vampire. If we go with vampires then we should add incubus and succubi. But I'm straying into demons and humanoid looking avies.

Also, if we mention the moth man then we'd be straying into aliens. There are a few alien furie avies. Mostly made up or modeled from anime.

There's areas of our planet that we don't know so much as we haven't explored them too much if at all.

If you want these animals out in venders, then you need to NC or IM the creators of furies and ask them for these avies till they do make them. My point of this post is to get the venders in SL to start thinking out of the box when it comes to animal avies. Why improve on avies that everyone has already made and improved on? The animal kingdom is bigger than the woods. I haven't even said anything about the ape family.

For me as a furry avatar collector, I'll keep a lookout for more avies. In the meantime I'll try my hand at making my own Kumamon Digimon.

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