Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fight Cancer for a Better Tomorrow

RFL or Relay For Life in Second Life has started. I've taken some pics of some of the hero sites on the track.

The JLU has yet another awesome and inspiring spot:

The Green Lanturn Corp of SL has a cool spot too. GLC:

They offer a really cool purple and green coloered ring and lanturn to fight cancer with. You can also find a NC for information.

The Green Lantern Core (GLC) was started in July 2004 as a simple Green Lantern fan group and has since evolved into a multi-national public service organization. We are a tightly-knit group of like-minded residents who volunteer our time assisting others and helping to make the Second Life experience a positive one for all.

We are dedicated to helping wherever we can, be it second life or real life and the battle against Cancer is one felt strongly in both worlds. A Green Lantern is defined by his or her willpower, and people with strong will have come out on top time and time again against this. It's a great cause, and one that exemplifies what we believe in.

They do many things including Fundraising for charities such as Relay for Life, Habitat for Humanity, and other Second Life charities.

The main start of the Relay is here:

RFL Walk happens this time of year, but they also have other activities all year round.

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