Thursday, September 16, 2010

Real life missing person

Dear Friends,

I have left SL but have come for a visit to beg everyone to please help me.

My daughters best friend has been missing from Joplin, Missouri now for 6 days. We have gone into homes of suspected gang members, drug dealers, homes of these peoples parents, the schools, businesses, we have put fliers everywhere.

There are rumors of her in Oklahomia, Detroit, Kansas City as well as in Joplin still.

Please help us!

Send this to every group. Daily, hourly, weekly, whatever you can do.

The only way to find this girl is for the world to help. She has family and friends and we love her so very much!

We have spent hours and hours looking and putting up flyers, talking to teen agers.

This is just another step I could think of. Please please please help.

Thank you to everyone that posts a picture or sends this on. Thank you so much from family and friends.

God bless...

Taury Barbee

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