Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SL will turn six soon. Are you ready?

Q. What is the Event Maturity Rating?

A. The Second Life 6th Birthday Celebration takes place on the main Second Life Grid and is a PG event for Adults 18 years and older. The definition of PG within Second Life can be found here.

The current definition is:

"A Region may be designated PG so long as it does not advertise or make available any content that is suggestive of any (even mildly) sexual or violent themes, or references to social drug or alcohol usage."

This event's rating means the following are in effect throughout the event. This applies across the spectrum, from streaming media, avatar representation, exhibitor material and to conduct while in attendance or exhibiting.

* No depictions or incidents of violence or gore.
* No depictions or incidents portraying sexual activity or sexual suggestion.
* No depictions or incidents explicitly advocating or suggesting drug or alcohol use.
* No nudity.

Linden Lab and the Resident Organizers reserve the right to determine when an edge case is no longer PG.

Q: Can I come as a kid avatar?

A: Yes. Everyone is welcome at the Birthday festivities, both as exhibitors and attendees. We just ask that each individual, whether participating as an exhibitor or attending as a spectator, fully comply with our PG standards. This includes not only content on display but also Avatar representation. Essentially, if you want to run around in a short Avatar, a dragon avatar or a fire hydrant avatar, that's fine, as long as it's PG.

Q: Does that mean we can show pictures of kid avatars and adults together? What's allowed?

A: We appreciate the fact that Second Life is a diverse world that includes a great many role-play families. As long as every exhibitor adheres to our general guidelines regarding content, there is no problem. We have no issue with photos of adults with children. We just ask that photos on display (in all areas) take into consideration content, context and perspective. Again, Linden Lab and the Resident Organizers reserve the right to determine when a case is no longer PG.

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