Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shhhh... adults talking

The following was edited to keep everyone out. The topic about the hidden bunnies came up. I put in a 2 cents at one point.

[8:30] P: well the missing bunnies started yesterday
[8:30] S: They all pretty much have to do with Mature things but the few I have looked at where nice
[8:30] M: thats the kid one porcy
[8:30] J: thx a lot :)
[8:30] P: ooh lol
[8:30] P: and the looking glass is the 25 of may
[8:30] M: well i guess i look at it like this... i had major hand surgery last week
[8:30] A: yeah i did 4 of the missing bunnies, but really all kid's stuff
[8:30] M: and bedtime is june 1
[8:30] J: i have an easy one
[8:31] M: i wanted to do pirates but cant find the lm bc the notecard didn't have it
[8:31] A: gorean starts may 9th
[8:31] J: 40 eggs to be found at Matahari
[8:31] P: ok gorean is may 9
[8:31] P: lol
[8:31] M: vip on May 8th but it has a buy in of 200l
[8:31] J: which is the location 13 of the Tulip's one
[8:31] M: unless sl does the change up they want by then
[8:31] P: really, what r the prizes like if they r charging?
[8:32] M: it looks really good let me see if I can get you the url
[8:32] A: you mean keys to the vip hunt marikha?
[8:32] P: cool thx
[8:32] Fantasy Easterwood: The missing bunny hunt has a few adult avie stores, but yes it is a kid avie hunt.
[8:32] J: thx Mistera
[8:32] P: ok what if i make my furry small? lol
[8:32] Fantasy Easterwood: They don't mind adults doing it too.
[8:32] A: they should have done the missing bunnies on the teen grid..
[8:32] M: np gl
[8:33] M: this is all I can find If you have any questions please feel free to join the Keys to the VIP Hunt Group listed in SL Search OR IM Kenzie Corleone.
Happy Hunting!!
[8:33] P: true, my nephew cant do them cuz he is 17 and they wont let him enter mature yet
[8:33] Fantasy Easterwood: Why do it on the teen grid?
[8:33] M: more hunts O.O omg they are gonna have to start a hunts poster board :S
[8:33] P: right, an all hunt hunters group
[8:33] M: i wish they would
[8:33] A: i have a notecard on the keys to the vip hunt, but it only says there's a one-time entry fee
[8:33] Fantasy Easterwood: Don't worry hun, the Lindens want to merge the main with the teen grids.
[8:34] M: i don't know which ones i know bout anymore and which ones i haven't done there re to many
[8:34] M: since i now work 5 venues in sl i need to sched huntin time lol
[8:34] M: yes they do fantasy
[8:34] A: well kids belong onthe teen grid fantasy
[8:34] M: are they really going to do that fantasy i heard they were thinkin bout it
[8:34] P: i made a folder of all the hunt notecards
[8:34] A: they r already doing it
[8:34] P: i delete them once its ended
[8:34] A: me too porcy
[8:35] A: there r regions marked "adult" already
[8:35] P: ok all cya later. baby feeding time
[8:35] Fantasy Easterwood: Most of us "kids" are just adults reliving our childhood.
[8:35] M: tc porcy
[8:35] A: u cant enter there without age verification on file
[8:35] M: ty porcy :)
[8:35] M: oh my :S
[8:35] A: take care porcy
[8:35] M: i'm gonna hav to figure out how to do my age ver :S
[8:35] P: ty bbye
[8:35] M: i don't wanna be stuck in kiddie land
[8:35] M: mandi go to sl main page and u can do it from there
[8:35] A: lol mandi
[8:35] A: ssn or drivers licence if u live in us
[8:35] M: thats how i had to do mine
[8:36] M: you only have to do it once right?
[8:36] A: yup
[8:36] M: yes
[8:36] M: ty :) will do my drivers lic number no way am i puttin in my SSN number
[8:36] M: i used ss # and poof done :)
[8:36] Fantasy Easterwood: Any form of ID can be used, but the LLs want you to use Soc or Drivers ID
[8:36] M: well i had to since i went to a prem acct & have to use the last 4
[8:36] M: thats all i needed i mean
[8:37] M: not entire thing no way am i doin that 1
[8:37] A: i can imagine what my country lopice will say to ll if they try to check if i gave em my true passport number
[8:37] A: i put in my paypal info...
[8:37] M: ahh okay i don't have a prem account so i'm good lol hates usin the ssn
[8:37] A: if someone speaks english there lol
[8:37] A: *police
[8:37] M: lol
[8:38] M: does anyone know why they decided to push the teen and the adult sl together?
[8:38] J: WHAT?
[8:38] M: they what?
[8:38] J: When was that announced? and how do we kill all the teens before they invade?
[8:38] A: maybe because adults disguise as kids to get on the teen grid?
[8:38] A: and vica versa
[8:38] M: ahhh okay and vise versa/>
[8:39] M: i heard it last week
[8:39] A: i had a link to ll forums somewhere
[8:39] J: that can't be true
[8:39] M: how old are people suppose to be to get on the teen one 13?
[8:39] M: i have to say lm 1 for the big spring hunt is ingenius
[8:39] A: but why u need it? lindens dont listen to residents

Nuff said.

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