Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

It's a wonderful first year for me and now that you've seen me in some pics I took over the holiday season you can see that I've grown. In many ways I have.
This year I'll be devoting my 2nd life as a adult fur. No, I will not show you pics of my nakidness!!! X3

However, I will continue to show you many new and exciting places, events and fur stuffs in Second Life. I will also show you some furry stuff like the furry code.
I am not a true furry in real life, but after this year who knows.

Do I make predictions for the new year? No. I'll will say this, I do see all nations growing more and more. For instance, the Kid Nation will mature in more ways than one.
And be on the look out for another nation to start growing as well. The Toon Nation.

Toon Nation seems to be a nation of cartoon avatars from all your beloved cartoons.

Isn't SL great?

Why am I not a child avatar anymore? It was my first of nine lives.
That's what makes being part cat so great.

Who knows, maybe I'll be back some day.

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