Monday, December 15, 2008

Second Life kids reach out to Real Life kids.

The Milk n Kookies radio show is helping real life kids for Christmas.

The following from the M -n- K blog:

"In an earlier post, I expressed the challenges of growing up as a poor child during the holidays. This type of emotional stress can really break a kids spirit and I am hoping this year we can help brighten the lives of children. Our goal is to raise enough money to sponsor a poor family this christmas season with gifts and a Christmas dinner. We will be in touch with the South Jersey Foodbank in Egg Harbor Township New Jersey who will be helping us appropriate the donations to the family in need."

So please donate what ever you can. You can donate at the M -n- K blog or in world at these places:

Aspen Nights (Donation Center)
Him I Us Commune (Donation Center)
Vortex (Donation Center)
Star Dreams (Donation Center)
Lions Gaming Den(Donation Center)
Marianne McCann- (Metaverse Messenger)
Zak Kowalski (Sponsor & Graphics)
Ashleigh Xeltentat (Project Assistant and Graphics)
DJ Lira Wylie (Donating DJ Tips to the Charity)
Terri Razor (Manager of Artist Nick99 Razor)
The Smoldering Joint (Donation Center)
Club Underground & Kliraton(Donation Center)
She Devils (Donation Center)
Crap Mariner (Media Mogul)
K! Boys (Sponsor)
Fl0wear (Sponsor)
Suite 15 (Donation Location)
Undercity (Donation Center)
Jupiters Edge (Donation Center)
Phucket beach and Alter Ego Club

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