Wednesday, November 26, 2008

School's all over the grid.

This is what may be my last build at TUi. I don't know what happened, if it was due to higher cost in teirs or what it was. I'm still with NCI. We still offer classes.
The same goes with some other schools.

Never fear, I'm here with a list of schools that one can still go to to learn building, scripting and all the other great classes that make your Second Life a truly great time.

We still have parts of TUi:

TUI... er Fairt Unique -

TUI Edumart -

TUI Headquarters? -

And many other schools and resources:

GQ Start -

Primtionary -


Rockcliffe -

Mischief Cove -

Insight Virtual Collage -

Crackerbox -

SL Learning Center -

Sunshine Village School -

Crated Classes -


Sunbelt Sim -

Dreams (speed builds, sandbox, classes, displays) -

Academy of Second Learning -

Ivory Tower -

Bromley Collage scripting area is now A Linden Script Tutorial Exibition -

Collage of Scripting -

Fermi Sandbox -

Free scripts, sounds, textures, sandbox -

IBM Code Station -

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