Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Rezz Day to me....

I can't belive I'm one year old. A second life rezz day is the same as a birthday.
Even if you use a avie (avatar) that looks 10 years old you still count the days.
This time last year I never thought I'd stay and make it this long. I have an addictive personality. Virtual worlds are an addiction to many people because of the people in them. For me anyways. I've made a lot of friends and seen and did a lot of stuff. Much more than what has been covered so far.

I now have some new avies for the fun of it. I hope to have more neat pics to show soon and some old. I also hope to upload my pics in a Flickr account like so many SLers use including Lorimae Undercroft, Quite Oh and Torly.

What's coming in the next year? I don't know, but whatever it is, I'm ready for it.
I hope you are.

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