Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dearest readers and followers

On Aug of '09 my rl mother was diagnosed with dementia a form of alzheimer's disease. I had been taking care of her up until February of this year when she had a UTI, a urinary tract infection, and was sent to the hospital. She stayed for a week and was released to a care center not far from me. She remains there today as I can not take care of her at home anymore. Today, I am currently looking for a job and new place to live as I have to give up my mother's house to keep her where she is. Currently I am looking for work and a new place to live. For 20 something years my mother had owned and run a very successful in home business designing monuments or tombstones. Now she lays in a bed not knowing whats going on around her. There will come a time when I won't be in sl if at all. So if you do see me in world, just know I'm working things out and need some something whatever that may be. It's been a good five years of fun, fur and friends. In the coming months and years I will keep up the blog posting rl stuff, sl stuff and medical stuff. Let's all hope for a cure of some sort and a better tomorrow.

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